BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL is celebrating his split with wife Amy Winehouse by appealing against his prison sentence.

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Banged up for assault and perverting the course of justice, Fielder-Civil served 12 months of a 27 month term, but was released two weeks ago on the proviso he went to rehab.

After some delay, Winehouse agreed to pay the £30,000 rehab bill, but that now has the look of a final pay-off about it, given the couple’s subsequent break-up.

“It’s over, there’s no way back for us now,” Winehouse was quoted in yesterday’s News of the World. “It was never going to last. We were only together for sex. I fancied him like mad, like no one else I’ve ever known. But it’s not enough, is it?”

Fielder-Civil is rumoured to have already found a new squeeze in the form of German model Sophie Schandorff, who might want to know that her new man and his ex “were into some real kinky stuff, not just the usual bondage and sex games but really gross stuff you couldn’t mention in a newspaper,” according to a News of the World source.