BORIS JOHNSON’S election promise to get shot of all London’s bendy buses was going without a hitch – dozens have been culled this month alone – until the unpopular urban transport machines hatched a cunning plan and one day we awoke to find they had turned into monsters, out to wreak a terrible revenge on the city that spurned them.

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Here we present photographic evidence of the coming slaughter, sneakily disguised as a promo for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, an eerily apt title for what could be about to befall us.

The bendy bus Transformer was spotted this weekend on reconnaissance missions at some of London’s favourite tourist spots, including Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

More worrying is that as well as the scary buses themselves, there appears to be a fifth column operating via Twitter and Facebook, whose users voted for the bendy bus transformation.

It is said that the Transformers movie hits the shops today. Suspicious-sounding special features include Seeds of Vengeance and Domestic Destruction.