Beckhams, Harry, Gordon Up for Sale.

Beckhams, Harry, Gordon Up for Sale

PRINCE HARRY, Gordon Brown, the Beckhams and Lily Allen are all going on sale tonight; well, eggy likenesses of them anyway.

In the run-up to Easter weekend, the chocolatey people at Thorntons have brought in fancy designers Id-Iom to paint famous faces on some of their best white-chocolate eggs, all in the name of children’s charity Barnado’s.

The list of celebs, with royals rubbing egg-heads with a football legend and a pop star, as well as the bloke running the country, is meant to “represent a spectrum of British culture”, acccording to a Thornton’s spokesperson.

The sale of the unique eggs takes place from 7pm this evening on eBay.

“We look forward to seeing how much we can raise for Barnardo’s,” said Peter Wright, Thorntons’ main marketing man.