RUMOURS ARE CIRCULATING that rock legend Alice Cooper is to perform his classic track ‘School’s Out’ at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre tonight during a performance of hit show Rock of Ages (14.08.12).

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It’s believed that the shock rock legend may take to the stage to perform the track in celebration of the 40th anniversary of its release, a single from his fifth album in 1972.

Hinting on twitter, he wrote underneath a picture of a studded leather jacket: “Seems a shame to waste such a #dangerous vest … Perhaps I’ll put it to good use tomorrow night in London’s West End! (sic)”

He later added: “Hearing that @rockofagesuk in London is GOOD. But worthy of me crashing their little show? I’LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT! (sic)”

He also tweeted a warning to some of the show’s starts, writing: “OK @shayneTward, @sandy_moffat & @simonlipkin – YOU’RE NEXT! #IKnowWhereYouLive. (sic)”

Alice has been releasing records since the 60s and says part of his motivation to keep recording new material is that he doesn’t believe the rock stars of today measure up to their predecessors.

He said: “What really bothers me more than anything else – it seems to me that all the young bands that are out there right now are afraid to be rock stars.

“They sing like they wanna fit in, ‘We don’t wanna be elaborate we don’t wanna be outgoing, or outrageous. We wanna be the guy next door.’ And honestly I think this generation needs a gigantic shot of testosterone.”

Rock of Ages is currently being staged at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, starring Shayne Warde and Justin Lee Collins. Good news is when we checked (at midday) tickets were still available for tonight’s show.

Update (15.08.12):
The rumours were correct, Alice Cooper did indeed join the cast of Rock of Ages last night (14.08.12).

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