London Fashion: Spitalfields Market

– Introduction
– Spitalfields Market
– High Street
– Regent Street
– More…

The first stop was Spitalfields Market. On a Wednesday afternoon, the weekend friendly marketplace contained only a few stragglers and plenty of space for me to run around. I followed and stared at a couple of people who looked like potential fashion story victims until the five second limit gave way to the tenth and fifteenth and I began to feel awkward. I finally found a lovely British couple by the coffee shop.


From: Australia
Clothes: Found his shirt on E-bay, trousers at Tsubi, watch from Nixon, shoes at White Corneo and jacket at Tsubi
Place: He enjoys shopping the most at Tsubi and London
Life: He works in Sydney as a bartender and is a student
Preoccupation: He is currently preoccupied with fashion.


From: East London
Clothes: Found his shirt at Raygun, trousers at Road Jeans, necklace at Tiffany’s, shoes from Swear (Top Shop) and jacket at All Saints
Place: He enjoys shopping the most at Covent Garden
Life: He works in design
Preoccupation: He is currently preoccupied with shopping


From:East London
Clothes: Found her shirt, skirt, jacket and shoes all at All Saints where she works
Place: She also enjoys shopping at Convent Gardens
Life: She works in textile design
Preoccupation: currently preoccupied with shoes.

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