London Fashion: Regent Street

– Introduction
– Spitalfields Market
– High Street
– Regent Street
– More…

Back on the streets, I go to the Hamley’s on Regent Street. Katharine was followed by an entourage of three adults. She didn’t say a word as she held her mother’s hand, but shyly pointed out all the things she liked. She sure knew how to pose cute though.


From: Los Angeles, USA
Clothes: Her shirt, shoes and jacket are from Oiliy and skirt from Burberry
Place: Her favorite outfit includes things from Oiliy, Burberry and Ralph Lauren
Life: She’s five. She doesn’t work
Preoccupation: ballet, ice skating and dancing


From: Japan
Clothes: Found his shirt in Camden, trousers at Oxford, shoes at Clacks and jacket second-hand from his friends
Place: He usually likes Camden, especially Rocket, for shopping. He also goes to second-hand stores and Shibuyain in Japan
Life: He’s an art and design student and wants to work in photography
Preoccupation: film costume

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