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– Spitalfields Market
– High Street
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The only person snapping more pictures than I was, I started talking to Mercedes and her equally well-garbed father.


From: Cincinnati, USA
Clothes: Found her multiple shirts at Aeropostale and online, trousers at Urban Outfitters, gloves at a drugstore, watch at Hot Topic, belt at, shoes at Hat Topic and jacket at Hot Topic
Place: She really likes to shop at Hot Topic
Life: She works at Hot Topic
Preoccupation: fashion, pop art and photography


From: Japan
Clothes: Found his jacket at Camden, shirt in Japan, accessories in Istanbul and shoes from Japan
Place: He likes to shop at Notting Hill
Life: He’s looking for work and wants to do it at an architecture office
Preoccupation: architecture

And So On:

While looking fantastic and original, a closer look into the lives and habits of strangers prowling around London reveals a vastly different array of styles and experiences. Though Camden and vintage shops were popular choices for London shopping, some people boasted of an international assortment of pieces. I talked about my findings with Gity later on and she sums it up for me:

“Fashion is an art form, an idea, a revolution. It’s like architecture or reading a story. It reads a story and is an important historical indicator,” she says.

Tracing the lineage of clothing purchases uncovers intriguing indicators of where a person has been. Through personal ingenuity, individuality and choice, fashion isn’t determined by High Street retail stores or even the fashion designers. Rather, the individual people fuel the soul of a fashionable metropolitan medley.

Jackie Jou

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