London Fashion: High Street

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– High Street
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As I wander the tourist traps, markets and High Street shops, asking for more pictures from people who simply catch my eye, I begin to realize a number of them don’t come from London. May it be the nature of where I chose to do my business or simply the way London is, but besides David and Jennifer from East London, I failed to meet any more from the city itself. As my curiosity piqued, I hit the internet. While Londoners in greater and surrounding areas number at more than 7 million people, roughly 11.5 million tourists pass through London in a year (according to government statistics). This explains a little of it.

I end up going to a concert at the University of London, thinking that these things always churn out interesting looking people. At the Easy J’s Bar, there was a couple: two guys drinking at a bar, talking quietly while the rest of the bar began to get increasingly loud. Dressed down and inconspicuously, Chris nevertheless embodied a cool lent by nineties grunge. Both Chris and Alastair seemed to pick out all their clothes from the laundry hampers of family members.


From: Norfolk, England
Clothes: Got his shirt as a gift, took his brother’s old jeans and his best friend’s brother’s old shoes, and found his jacket in his brother’s closet
Place: He does most of his shopping in charity shops
Life: He works at the Pork House Hotel
Preoccupation: He is currently preoccupied with music, specifically Arcade Fire.


From: Norfolk, England
Clothes: Found his shirt from (not pictured), trousers at Yanhi, shoes at HSC Plus, and his jacket from his step-dad
Place: He does his shopping “anywhere”
Life: He wants to work at anywhere involving music
Preoccupation: he is currently preoccupied with Ladytron, Joanna Newsom.


From: Winchester, England
Clothes: Found his shirt from H & M, trousers at a vintage store, accessories from jewelry stores in Winchester and India, shoes from Convent Garden vintage store and jacket at Camden Market
Place: He does his shopping in Convent Garden, Brick Lane and Camden. He also likes Paul Smith
Life: He doesn’t work but also wants to work anywhere involving music
Preoccupation: he’s currently preoccupied with his 60s style boots

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