London Coffee Shops: Scooterworks

Bar Italia
Caffe Vergnano
Flat White
Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Cafe Nero

Lower Marsh, Waterloo

London Coffee Shops. Photo Credit: wickenden. CC.LicenseShould I go?
This place is straight out of the 60s, complete with actual scooters, low yellow lighting and laid back atmosphere (They have free wifi but when I went they had forgotten the password. This is not necessarily a bad thing.). And the coffee is really good.

When can I go?
Monday 10am-6pm, Tuesday – Thursday 10am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 10am “very likely until midnight”, closed Sunday.

What’s it like?
No two tables or stools (or scooters) are quite the same, the stairs creak when you walk down to the toilets, and everyone there is nonchalantly happy to see you. It’s a living Mod museum in a way no exhibit or gallery will ever be. Think of the exact opposite of Starbucks and you’ve pretty much got it.

How’s the coffee?
You could almost eat the mocha with a fork. The latte is cheap but billionaire rich and Italian strong.