London Coffee Shops: Flat White

Bar Italia
Caffe Vergnano
Flat White
Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Cafe Nero

Berwick Street, Soho

Flat White. Photo Credit: adactio. CC.LicenseShould I go?
Flat White takes a similar approach to the big chains and does it much better by eliminating the frills (no seasonal four-flavored -cinno drinks here) and instead concentrating on the title drink, which is what New Zealand calls a latte.

When can I go?
Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm, Weekends & Bank Holidays 9.00am to 6.00pm

What’s it like?
It is apparently customary in New Zealand to replace “drink a coffee” with “smash back a flattie”. Minimal, with pictures of stark landscapes framed on the walls, black-shirted employees likely to call you “bro” – such is the experience of Flat White.

How’s the coffee?
The foam is coifed into a pattern reminiscent of a leaf or tree. Not quite strong enough to leave you jittery and very milky, a flattie will have all but devoted followers of Italian coffee content.