London Coffee Shops: Caffe Vergnano 1882

Bar Italia
Caffe Vergnano
Flat White
Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Cafe Nero

Leicester Square, Southbank Centre

Caffe Vergnano 1882. Photo Credit: EVERYDAYLIFEMODERN. CC.LicenseShould I go?
If you think of coffee as a delicacy, there’s nowhere better.

When can I go?
8am-Midnight Monday through Saturday, 10am-11pm Sunday

What’s it like?
If there’s a more diverse coffee menu in London, I haven’t seen it. Espresso especially is no less than a canvas for Caffe Vergnano, on which can be splashed cream and chocolate and nuts to create drinks too pretty to drink. Almost. The décor is shiny, clean, black, and white, which actually makes it seem more impersonal than it is.

How’s the coffee?
It’s hot liquid velvet, served with water and a small chocolate on a silver tray. Perfect by design.