London Coffee Shops: Bar Italia

Frith Street, Soho

Bar Italia
Caffe Vergnano
Flat White
Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Cafe Nero

London Coffee Shops. Photo Credit: Ahmed Rabea. CC.LicenseShould I go?
If you want authentic Italian coffee, served fast from an actual bar, you can’t do much better than this, London’s most famous coffee bar. It’s a little pricy, but that’s to be expected with over 50 years of reputation behind them.

When can I go?
Whenever you want. Bar Italia’s open around the clock.

What’s it like?
Neon greets you and beacons you towards a rail-thin interior plastered with blue-collar Italian memorabilia. There is a mirrored wall and tiled floor inside. Heated tables sit cramped together on the street, where you can sip your cappuccino while the unpredictable foot traffic of Soho passes you by.

How’s the coffee?
Like everything else, it’s Italian above all else. The only thing stiffer than the foam is the strength of the brew, which will leave even hearty caffeine consumers wide-eyed.