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I found LondonNet to be fast, efficient and courteous. All the hotels in their selection are very good ones (by no means a matter of course in London) and their special rates mean that everyone can afford to upgrade their usual choice of accommodation. I trust the information LondonNet provides and regard LondonNet as a welcome and reliable ally in the process of making my visits to London more enjoyable than they might otherwise prove to be.
David Foster (Stockholm, Sweden)

Wonderful site. Lots of added information. I will use you again. Thanks!
Lisa Hanba (Michigan, USA)

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy getting your newsletter. It keeps me up to date on all the happenings in one of my favourite places. Thanks!"
Sue Schmitt

Keep up the good work!
Erik van Koert (Rijswijk, Netherlands)

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 Technology Weekly

Ahoy! - "The latest 'Ahoy' from LondonNet is an excellent newsletter. Everything about it, from the graphics to the layout, from the content to the images, is done in a stylish and intelligent manner."

 KLM Airtime Magazine

LondonNet - "This cool magazine site is essential reading for anyone planning a trip to London. It includes a comprehensive guide with going out and news sections (updated daily), covering everything from shopping to cinema, comedy and sports. There's online hotel booking - sometimes with sizable discounts - from the luxurious to the budget, plus information on a wider spectrum of accommodation, from apartment rentals to camping. It can also point you in the right direction if you are looking for a chauffeur or a city guide. You can check out the weather forecast - and of course there's the very latest on the Millennium Dome.


London Net Accommodation - B and B
"If you want to have the majority of your spending money available for when you shop. Check out this site for the best guide to bed and breakfasts in London."
A Guide to Museums
"For an unbiased view on where to visit, click here and let an independent company help you out."
London Clubs
"A guide specifically set up to helping you find the clubs of your choice."

 Time Out

LondonNet - "Online magazine
containing useful information about the city. The Movie London
section provides a history of film in the capital, as well as

 UK Plus

LondonNet Magazine Guide to London
"Lively guide to London jam-packed with information on things to do in the capital. Pages on cinemas, clubs, music venues and theatres plus places to stay, top tourist attractions and getting around."
London Clubs
"An excellent directory of nights out in London covering all types of club, including garage, house, techno, retro, soul, gay and indie. Features ticket info, times and reviews."London Cinema & Movie Guide
"Five-star site that's so much more than just a guide to what's on at the movies in England's capital. Reviews of films currently showing, movie news, an A-Z of cinemas, history of London picture houses and an in-depth look at how the city is portrayed on the silver screen."


LondonNet - "The must-see guide to London"

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