Blue Man Group

Details: The O2 Arena, London
Tube: North Greenwich
Performances: Sat, 16th May 2009 - Sun, 17th May 2009

The Blue Man Group is packing its bags and going on tour. While the original theatre production continues to wow people from all over the world the blue men are putting on the ultimate concert experience with their new, spectacular show. The Megastar World Tour, arrives at the O2 Arena on Saturday 16 May and Sunday 17 May 2009...

Previous review for Blue Man Group at the New London Theatre

Blue Man GroupBlue Man Group greets London with an ethereal mix of performance art and rock & roll...

After years of considerable success in the United States, Blue Man Group has finally reached London. The trio of bald men painted in blue have brought their unusual mix of theatre, rock concert and visual euphoria to the New London Theatre to enthral a new crowd.

Upon entering the theatre, it is immediately evident that this is a one-of-a-kind experience. The ushers hand out white streamers to the audience, with no explanation as to what they should be used for. Many took the opportunity to add the streamer as an accessory to their theatre-going attire, however. Adding to the eccentricity, signs with red digital lettering scroll for narration and encourage the audience to participate in talking (singing is discouraged) happy birthday to someone and saying hello to some random person to make them feel better.

The show eventually opens with the three (alien?) blue men standing behind what appear to be buckets. The middle begins to play them as drums while the other two pour neon paint on the lids, forcing the paint to splash all over the place with every beat, explaining why the front rows of seats are the poncho section.

The men's antics provide a spectacle of events throughout the 100-minute show, from one catching an outrageous amount of marshmallows in his mouth to a tutorial on rock concert etiquette to an attempt at romancing a girl from the crowd by sharing Twinkies with her in what resembles a candlelit dinner. There is a house band placed strategically in cubes above the blue men, with rock music flowing from men who appear to be skeletons by the effect of black light and neon suits and face paint.

With lack of a better way to describe the surreal show, Blue Man Group is pure entertainment at its core. There doesn't seem to be much purpose or message behind the array of bright colours or inventive instruments, but to be honest, who cares? It's an interesting, and at times hilarious, show for the whole family and should be a must-see event if you can afford the tickets.

Just make sure you're not late, because the men will stop what they are doing while a speaker serenades 'You're Late' as a cameraman focuses on you, placing you on a big screen for the entire audience to see.

- Brandon Morgan