British Museum, London

British Museum, Photo Credit: cornfed1975. C.C.License

The initial collection was bequeathed by the original Sloane Ranger, Sir Hans Sloane, a wealthy Chelsea doctor in 1753. It became a magnet for all the loot being amassed by the British Empire through the 19th century. In the 1880s the natural history collections were transferred to South Kensington . It still houses the British Library where Marx plotted capitalism's downfall (Although this will soon transfer to St.Pancras). It transfered in 1997 - and is open to the public. Key Exhibits include the Egyptian Hall, the Tomb of Payava, the Elgin Marbles & the Sutton Hoo treasure (British Museum). The Magna Carta (British Library).

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Location: Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG (Click Here For Map)

Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road, Holborn

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