When you think of London and you think of sightseeing, you might envision a double-decker bus tours with lots of people wearing backpacks snapping pictures of Big Ben. As much as we love that clock, there’s more to London.

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Enter Urban Gentry, the innovative tour company that hires culture “insiders” to show visitors and locals around the hippest parts of the city. Picture small, private groups trotting around boutiques and galleries that only the painfully in-the-know could locate.

There are special routes for curious types interested in fashion, shopping, design, art and architecture, and the company founder, Kevin Caruth, caters to specific and nontraditional requests when he can. Recently, he found an insider to introduce a couple to London’s Danish furniture scene. Seriously.

May we humbly recommend the East End Hip tour, and possibly a side stop in This Shop Rocks on Brick Lane?

– Jill Hilbrenner