The Kurt Cobain Music Collection by Converse. All Rights Reserved.

    Kurt Cobain for Converse

    If you miss Kurt Cobain and wish Nirvana could somehow come out with new tracks, you might be slightly comforted by the fact that you soon will be able to wear lyrics from the grunge rocker’s old tracks on your feet. Maybe not as exciting as another album would be, but work with us here.

    Converse is paying tribute to Cobain with a limited edition line of distressed trainers covered with his diary extracts, artwork, and verse notes from songs like Come as You Are. Courtney Love worked closely with The Kurt Cobain Music Collection, a special offering for Converse’s 100th year of business.

    The shoes are available from September and only at the stand-alone Converse store (part of Size) in Carnaby Street. We’re not saying that wearing a pair will make you creative enough to write the next Smells Like Teen Spirit, but at least you’ll be able to properly credit your appreciation for 90s Seattle bands.

    – Jill Hilbrenner