Indian Summer

Get ahead of this summer’s biggest trend with these Indian Summer inspired accessories and clothing!

Stud Trim Waistcoat And Jesrey Camisole Maxi Dress

Simply Be:
Embroidered and Bead Canvas Bag: £35.00 | Stud Trim Waistcoat And Jesrey Camisole: £42.00 | Maxi Dress

Embroidered Dress. New Look Embroidered Dress. New Look Tribal Gem Ring. New Look

New Look:
Embroidered Dress: £30.00 | Embroidered Dress: £28.00 | Tribal Gem Ring: £6.00

Tan Leather Gladiator Sandals. Dorothy Perkins Stone And Seed Bead Collar. Dorothy Perkins Choc Fringe Boots. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins:
Tan Leather Gladiator Sandals: £22.00 | Stone And Seed Bead Collar: £25.00 | Choc Fringe Boots: £20.00