Hotel Offers

Whether you’re looking for a budget or luxury hotel, it’s always nice to secure a juicy discount. With that in mind, we work with our hotel partners to bring you some of the best deals available at a wide range of London hotels. Rather than simply offer you cheap London hotels, our aim is to bring you cheap London hotel prices.

Special Offers on London Hotels with Instant Booking

Once you’ve picked your accommodation you can choose to use some of the savings to buy tickets for a West End theatre show. Tickets for many productions are available to purchase alongside your hotel reservation.

Six Tips to Bag the Best London Hotel Prices and Special Offers –

We’ve all learnt how to try out various dates and routes when booking no-frills flights. Similar tactics work with your hotel booking. Here are six tips to bear in mind when making your next reservation:

Le Meridien Piccadilly – one of the prestige luxury London hotels available with special offers

1) Be Flexible – the best way to the best prices. Don’t be too selective about which London area you want to stay in – the tube will get you around in any event – and you will be offered the widest choice of bargains available.

2) Go Off-Peak – As a general rule, some days of the week are busier, although which days vary from hotel to hotel. Business orientated hotels will be cheaper at weekends, while leisure-focused hotels may offer mid-week deals. Most hotels experience a ‘cliff’ on Sunday nights, as they are neither popular with business travellers nor tourists. January is the quietest – and therefore best value – month of the year. August throws up some great rates at luxury hotels as their business-orientated clientele head off to the sun.

Again if you’re flexible about when you come this will allow you to scoop the best rates as and when they arise, so consider:

3) Booking Early – The cheapest advance rates will have time cut-offs, say a month in advance. It is unlikely that the exact nature of these cut-offs will be revealed so you have to play around with dates, for example, try rates six months, three months and a month in advance.

Jurys Inn Chelsea – a three-star hotel in a great location with special offers available
4) Booking Late – Hotels will sometimes ‘dump’ unsold room inventory at the last minute, however, this can be risky to predict and shouldn’t always be relied upon. Best bargains here can be had if you are flexible as to area, hotel type and dates of travel.

5) Book a ‘Mystery’ hotel special offer – Just like budget airlines look to fill every seat, so hotels aim to fill every room. To do this, they often have to shift a portion of their rooms at very low prices. Naturally, they don’t want their full-price paying customers to know that they’re doing this, so some have taken to offering the best prices as Mystery Hotel rates. Here you get to know the class of hotel and approximate location, but not the name – until you’ve booked, thus protecting the hotel’s identity. Some astonishing rates are available this way, with prices cut by up to 50 per cent.

As you’ll have gathered by now the more time you can spend, the better your chance of landing a great deal, so:

6) Do Your Research – Set aside as much time as you can to compare all the different options; hotel types, days of the week and areas.