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London DIY: Getting about London by car, bike or foot
London DIY
Getting about London by car, bike or foot
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Public Transports
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London by Bike: Keep cool on two-wheels
London by Bike
Keep cool on two-wheels

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London is a vast metropolis. With a population of more than 7 million, (15 million in the SE region), life in the city is very congested. Whichever way you choose to travel around the capital of cool, you are sure to run into holdups, harassment and hastle.

We used to be proud of having the world’s first urban transport system, nowadays we complain of it is as the world’s oldest one. It is nowhere near bottom in the international league (hey most US cities’ systems do not even stretch beyond buses) but compared to most other W.European cities it sucks.

We reckon you have got to use the tube at least once, it was the first after all, check out the red double deckers; because they are cute. But then forget about the system and walk just about everywhere. It is the best way to see any city and London is no exception. Use trains and tubes to get to the centre and then get out and walk. Don’t forget that although London is a very safe city, even late at night, you will stand out as a foreigner and therefore as an easy target, so exercise care at all times.


What time do the tubes stop?
When the pubs close!
Monday to Saturday: Last trains 23.30~00.30, Sundays: Last trains 23.00~00.00

Are there Night Buses?
Yes. Main place for catching buses is Trafalgar Square. From midnight~ morning. Check on arrival for details.

Are there any cheap travelcards/passes available?
Yes. Daily and weekly travelcards save you money if you plan to travel a lot. Daily cards are available from 09.30 and cost 4.90 UKP (for Zones 1 and 2).

Is it safe for women to travel alone? Any tips?
Generally yes. Like any other city travel late at night is more risky in some areas so be sensible. If you are in a bus sit near the driver and likewise in a tube or train sit near the driver (or guard if available). Do not have valuables showing; jewellery, cameras, phones, etc. There are telephones on most stations and emergency levers in all carriages. Go for traditional black cabs over minicabs particularly at night.