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London DIY: Getting about London by car, bike or foot
London DIY
Getting about London by car, bike or foot
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London by Bike: Keep cool on two-wheels
London by Bike
Keep cool on two-wheels

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Car Rental:


First things first; we drive on the left! This can be confusing for our American and European cousins who seem to get by driving on the "wrong" side of the road. If this doesn’t put you off, the traffic and non-existent parking might. Oh and car rental in London can be expensive (particularly compared to North American prices).

However if you are still game having a car can get you around the places public transport can’t reach. Most hire deals include insurance, taxes, etc but check on booking. Watch out for high insurance excesses (the amount you pay if you have an accident before the insurance kicks in).

NB. For further info see "Getting to London by Car"

Online Car Rental Firms:

Car Rentals
Sixt rent a car


London is getting better at cycles, but the road to a true-cycle-city is a slow one. A helmet and experience are a must, and a mask is a recommendation. Cycle lanes and paths are in development, but some parks are still partial to the non-bike ways, so pay attention. Here is some information on London by bike:

Fat Tire Bike Tours offers four hour tours of London with a guide, by bike. You can also rent bikes for your own version of the tour.

If you’re going near to far, The London Underground does allow bikes on the tube during certain hours. Click here for a full list (pdf).

The London Cycle Campaign is doing the best job of promoting cycling in the capital – check here for updated cycling information, maps and routes, and more.

Bicycle Rental

Bike Park: 020 7430 0083
Cycle Logical: 020 7700 6611
De Ver Cycles: 020 8679 6197
London Bicycle Tour Companie: 020 7928 6838
Wheelie Serious: 020 8543 5255


The sensible option

Using Shanks’s pony (walking) is the most sensible and rewarding way to view the capital. If you are reasonably fit, enjoy using maps and sport a decent pair of shoes, walking is the business.

If you are
staying ouside the centre, get a tube or train in to the West End and spend the rest of the day on your feet. For some ideas of where to go see our Out & About section.