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1 The Millennium Dome, Greenwich
– Whatever you think of the Dome project, there is little argument as to its size: it’s massive. See our special feature for more info on the concrete colossus which opened in January 2000.

2 South Bank
– Refurbishments now scaled down from superstar architect Richard Rogers’ sweeping vision, but still set to liven up the faded modernist edifice. Best of all, we now have a huge big wheel from which to view central London, The London Eye.

3 Regent Street
– The famous street, home to shops such as Hamleys, the world’s biggest toyshop, is set to kick cars off its tarmac in favour of footpadders within five years. A similar scheme is also being mooted for nearby Oxford Street.

4 Park Lane
– Currently host to regular traffic jams, the road that separates Hyde Park from famous hotels such as the Dorchester and the Metropolitan is set for pedestrian friendly up date. One plan is to sink the road under an expanded park area; a less ambitious version gives wide pedestrian crossings priority over traffic.

5 On Track for New Trains
– The Jubilee Line extension connecting Southwark and Docklands with central London is well on the way to completion and is set to be followed by a Docklands Light Railway link to London City Airport.

6 New Bridge for the Thames
– Plans to link the south and north banks of the river with a wide, pedestrian bridge containing entertainments and shops are up and running. The new crossing would be sited between Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridges.

7 Trafalgar Square
– The Mecca for pigeon loving tourists is also a favourite for motorists who have turned the square into a glorified roundabout. Planned partial pedestrianisation would help plug one of London’s few gaps; its lack of cafe-society squares.

8 Tower of London
– Soundings have been taken on filling the moat – grassed over at present- with water to give the castle a more magical feel.

9 Diana Tribute
– Now in the balance after locals protested but the monument to the tragic princess would include a 200m fountain if planning permission is granted.

10 The Major’s Office
– Admiralty Arch, situated next to Trafalgar Square, has recently been used as a refuge for the homeless but will become the HQ of London’s leader in a couple of years.

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