Introduction – Future intro
Top Ten – London projects for the future
Futures Past – Failed plans down the ages

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What future development trends are expected in the capital?

The last decade or so has seen the redevelopment of Docklands. In the next ten years look out for big schemes south of the river (launched off the back of the Jubilee Line extension and South Bank refurbishment) and in the north east (Hackney make-over and Stratford channel tunnel rail terminal).

What about the River?

Good point. After several failed attempts, the latest riverbus scheme links up with the Millennium Dome at Greenwich. And there are advanced plans to increase pedestrian access to the river bank.

Who decides on what gets built?

Big property developers and pressure groups lobby local government to get their pet schemes approved.

Why is London such a planners’ mess?

London grew up in fits and starts and such little planning as existed was usually conducted by big landowners with little regard for the overall shape of the city.