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The Art Of Racing In The Rain (PG)

Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Milo Ventimiglia, Kevin Costner
Genre: Drama
Author(s): Mark Bomback
Director: Simon Curtis
Release Date: 09/08/2019
Running Time: 109mins
Country: US
Year: 2019

Golden retriever Enzo is plucked from his litter by racing car driver Denny Swift, who excels on the track. The master falls under the spell of a young woman called Eve and they raise a daughter Zoe with Enzo as the fourth member of the clan. Trials on and off the racetrack put a strain on the marriage as Denny risks his life to chase glory behind the wheel. Eventually, Denny is pitted against Eve's parents, Maxwell and Trish, to hold his fractured family together.

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