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Show Dogs (PG)

Cast: Will Arnett, Stanley Tucci, Alan Cumming, Natasha Lyonne, Chris Ludacris Bridges
Genre: Comedy
Author(s): Marc Hyman, Max Botkin
Director: Raja Gosnell
Release Date: 25/05/2018
Running Time: 92mins
Country: US/UK
Year: 2018

Rottweiler Max is one of the finest police dogs on the force and he leads a sting on a gang of animal smugglers, who have taken possession of a baby panda named Ling Li. Just as Max is poised to make an arrest, the FBI led by federal agent Frank gatecrashes the operation and the criminal mastermind escapes. The trail of evidence leads to a high-profile dog show in Las Vegas. Frank and Max agree to go undercover as contestants to unmask the animal traffickers.

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