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Shaun The Sheep Movie (Subtitled) (U)

Cast: John Sparkes, Justin Fletcher
Genre: Family
Author(s): Richard Starzack, Mark Burton, Richard Goleszowski
Director: Richard Starzack, Mark Burton
Running Time: 85mins
Country: UK
Year: 2015

Shaun and the flock grow tired of the daily routine on Mossy Bottom Farm under the watchful eye of Bitzer the sheepdog. So the herd hoodwinks the Farmer into taking a well deserved day. Unfortunately, the cunning plan goes awry and the Farmer ends up in the Big City suffering from a nasty bout of memory loss. Shaun and his fleecy friends head for the metropolis to bring the Farmer back home but they attract the attentions of a nasty animal containment officer called Trumper.

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