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Happening (15)

Cast: Anamaria Vartolomei, Luana Bajrami, Kacey Mottet Klein
Genre: Drama
Author(s): Marcia Romano, Audrey Diwan
Director: Audrey Diwan
Release Date: 22/04/2022 (selected cinemas)
Running Time: 99mins
Country: Fr
Year: 2021

In 1963 rural France, college student Annie enjoys a dalliance with a visiting student and is horrified a few weeks later to discover that she is expecting his child. Unable to disclose the truth to her mother or dormitory sisters Brigitte and Helene, Annie seeks guidance from doctors. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. As her grades suffer and dreams of becoming a teacher evaporate, Annie faces the prospect of single motherhood and disappointing her professor.

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