Black Christmas (15)

Horror (2019)
92mins US

Starring: Imogen Poots, Lucy Currey, Aleyse Shannon
Director: Sophia Takal
Writer(s): April Wolfe, Sophia Takal
Listings: London | Rest of UK and Ireland

As the Christmas holidays beckon, students of Hawthorne College prepare to leave campus for the safety of home. They are blissfully unaware that a hooded figure roams the campus with murderous intentions. This diabolical figure follows one girl, Helena, home and stabs her with a broken icicle. Classmates Kris, Lindsay, Marty and Riley become concerned about Helena's whereabouts and find themselves trapped inside their sorority with the killer.

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London Cinemas

From Friday 17th January
To Thursday 23rd January

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- Bedford, Vue Bedford
- Bicester, Vue Bicester
- Birkenhead, Vue Birkenhead
- Birmingham, Vue Birmingham
- Blackburn, Vue Blackburn
- Bolton, Vue Bolton
- Bristol, Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway
- Bristol, Vue Bristol Longwell Green
- Bury, Vue Bury The Rock
- Camberley, Vue Camberley
- Cardiff, Vue Cardiff
- Cramlington, Vue Cramlington
- Cwmbran, Vue Cwmbran
- Darlington, Vue Darlington
- Doncaster, Vue Doncaster
- Eastleigh, Vue Eastleigh
- Edinburgh, Vue Edinburgh Ocean Terminal
- Edinburgh, Vue Edinburgh Omni Centre
- Ellesmere Port, Vue Cheshire Oaks
- Farnborough, Vue Farnborough
- Gateshead, Vue Gateshead
- Glasgow, Vue Glasgow Fort
- Grays, Vue Thurrock
- Halifax, Vue Halifax
- Hamilton, Vue Hamilton
- Hartlepool, Vue Hartlepool
- Hull, Vue Hull Princes Quay
- Inverness, Vue Inverness
- Leeds, Vue Leeds Kirkstall Road
- Leeds, Vue Leeds The Light
- Leicester, Vue Leicester
- Limerick, Vue Limerick
- Livingston, Vue Livingston
- Manchester, Vue Manchester Printworks
- Newbury, Vue Newbury
- Newcastle-under-Lyme, Vue Newcastle-under-Lyme
- Northampton, Vue Northampton
- Norwich, Vue Norwich
- Oxford, Vue Oxford
- Paignton, Vue Torbay
- Plymouth, Vue Plymouth
- Portsmouth, Vue Portsmouth
- Reading, Vue Reading
- Redditch, Vue Redditch
- Scunthorpe, Vue Scunthorpe
- Sheffield, Vue Sheffield
- Southport, Vue Southport
- Stirling, Vue Stirling
- Swansea, Vue Swansea
- Thanet, Vue Westwood Cross
- Thornton-Cleveleys, Vue Cleveleys
- Watford, Vue Watford
- York, Vue York
From Friday 17th January
To Thursday 23rd January

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