Avengers: Infinity War 3D + Avengers: Endgame 3D (12A)

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Action (2018-19)
149mins US

Starring: Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Letitia Wright, Karen Gillan, Josh Brolin
Director: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Writer(s): Stephen McFeely, Christopher Markus
Listings: London | Rest of UK and Ireland

It has been two years since Captain America and his superpowered allies went toe-to-toe with billionaire inventor Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, and his cohorts. The threat posed by Thanos has dire repercussions for hundreds of civilisations across the universe, which compels the Guardians of the Galaxy to join the titanic battle. Peter Quill and co must bridge deep divisions between the Avengers. They work alongside the likes of Thor, Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, Loki and Doctor Strange.

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London Cinemas

From Friday 26th April
To Thursday 2nd May

Not showing at any
London cinemas this week.

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Rest of UK and Irish Cinemas

Listed in alphabetical order by city/place name followed by cinema name.

From Friday 19th April
To Thursday 25th April

- Aberdeen, Cineworld Aberdeen - Union Square
- Basildon, Cineworld Basildon
- Batley, Showcase Leeds
- Bedford, Vue Bedford
- Bicester, Vue Bicester
- Birmingham, Odeon Birmingham Broadway Plaza
- Birmingham, Odeon Birmingham New Street
- Birmingham, Vue Birmingham
- Bournemouth, Odeon Bournemouth BH2
- Bracknell, Cineworld Bracknell
- Bradford, Odeon Leeds-Bradford
- Brighton, Odeon Brighton
- Bristol, Showcase Bristol Avon Meads
- Bristol, Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway
- Bristol, Vue Bristol Longwell Green
- Bury, Vue Bury The Rock
- Camberley, Vue Camberley
- Cardiff, Cineworld Cardiff
- Castleford, Cineworld Castleford
- Coventry, Odeon Coventry
- Cramlington, Vue Cramlington
- Crawley, Cineworld Crawley
- Darlington, Vue Darlington
- Derby, Odeon Derby
- Derby, Showcase Derby Foresters Park
- Dublin, Cineworld Dublin
- East Didsbury, Cineworld Didsbury
- East Kilbride, Odeon East Kilbride
- Ely, Cineworld Ely
- Farnborough, Vue Farnborough
- Gateshead, Odeon Metrocentre
- Gateshead, Vue Gateshead
- Glasgow, Cineworld Glasgow - Renfrew Street
- Glasgow, Showcase Glasgow
- Greenhithe, Showcase Bluewater
- Hamilton, Vue Hamilton
- Haverhill, Cineworld Haverhill
- Hull, Cineworld Hull
- Hull, Odeon Hull
- Huntingdon, Cineworld Huntingdon
- Inverness, Vue Inverness
- Ipswich, Cineworld Ipswich
- Leeds, Odeon Luxe Leeds Thorpe Park
- Leicester, Showcase Leicester Cinema De Lux
- Limerick, Vue Limerick
- Liverpool, Showcase Liverpool
- Manchester, Odeon Manchester Great Northern
- Manchester, Showcase Manchester
- Mansfield, Odeon Mansfield
- Middlesbrough, Cineworld Middlesbrough
- Milton Keynes, Cineworld Milton Keynes
- Newcastle upon Tyne, Cineworld Newcastle Upon Tyne
- Nottingham, Showcase Nottingham Cinema De Lux
- Nuneaton, Odeon Nuneaton
- Paisley, Showcase Paisley
- Peterborough, Showcase Peterborough
- Plymouth, Vue Plymouth
- Portsmouth, Vue Portsmouth
- Rochdale, Odeon Rochdale
- Ruislip, Cineworld South Ruislip
- Sheffield, Cineworld Sheffield
- Sheffield, Odeon Sheffield
- Southend-on-Sea, Odeon Southend
- Stevenage, Cineworld Stevenage
- St. Neots, Cineworld St Neots
- Stockport, The Light Cinema, Stockport
- Stockton-on-Tees, Showcase Teesside
- Telford, Cineworld Telford
- Telford, Odeon Telford
- Wallsend, Odeon Silverlink
- Walsall, Showcase Walsall
- Watford, Vue Watford
- Wrexham, Odeon Wrexham
From Friday 26th April
To Thursday 2nd May

Not showing at any
UK cinemas this week.

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