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A Minuscule Adventure (U)

Cast: Stephane Coulon, Thierry Fremont, Bruno Salomone
Genre: Comedy
Author(s): Thomas Szabo, Helene Giraud
Director: Thomas Szabo, Helene Giraud
Release Date: 06/09/2019 (selected cinemas)
Running Time: 92mins
Country: Fr/Chi/Guad
Year: 2018

As snowflakes begin to fall in a valley in eastern France and insects gather supplies to tide them through the winter, a young ladybird is accidentally trapped inside a parcel destined for sun-kissed Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. A dream team of tiny friends joins forces to launch a daring rescue mission. Their path leads to a jungle filled with strange and terrifying beasties, including a voracious tarantula and a praying mantis blessed with the power of hypnotic suggestion.

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