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100% Wolf (PG)

Cast: Adriane Daff, Jai Courtney, Ilai Swindells, Jane Lynch, Samara Weaving
Genre: none
Author(s): Fin Edquist
Director: Alexs Stadermann
Release Date: 31/07/2020 (selected cinemas)
Running Time: 95mins
Country: Australia
Year: 2020

Freddy Lupin is heir to a long bloodline of werewolves and he is determined to make his father Flasheart proud. On his 14th birthday, Freddy steps proudly into a shaft of moonlight as part of his warfing. As the dust clears, the pack elders are horrified to see that Freddy has transformed into a poodle rather than a wolf. The distraught teenager has until the next moonrise to prove his worth as a wolf or cast out from the pack.


LondonNet Film Review
100% Wolf (PG)

A top dog requires the biggest heart not the shiniest coat or sharpest teeth in director Alexs Stadermann’s life-affirming computer-animated adventure. Based on the 2009 book by Jayne Lyons, 100% Wolf howls familiar life lessons about individuality, self-expression and friendship within the framework of a teenager’s coming-of-age in the aftermath of personal loss. Fin Edquist’s script plays up narrative similarities to The Lion King: a self-doubting heir who must temporarily abandon his kingdom to discover the courage to fight for his inheritance, a scheming uncle determined to seize a throne he doesn’t deserve, a cliff-top tragedy and hard-fought redemption…

Life as man’s best friend provides Stadermann’s film with fart gags and obvious chuckles like when the hero, trapped in the body of a poodle, discovers the dizzying pleasure of dragging his bottom along the floor. Young audiences could lap up the underlying shaggy dog story but parents may find it harder to wag tails at such simplistic delights. Vocal performances are largely forgettable except for a virtuoso turn from Rhys Darby as the antagonist who enjoys two-way conversations with his stuffed monkey Scoops. He plays gleefully with the character and steals every colourfully drawn scene with his madcap antics.

Awkward teenager Freddy Lupin (voiced by Ilai Swindells) is heir to a long bloodline of werewolves led by his uncle Hotspur (Rupert Degas), who assumed the role of pack leader after Freddy’s father Flasheart (Jai Courtney) perished during a cliff-top tussle with ice cream van man Foxwell Cripp (Darby). On his 14th birthday, Freddy prepares to step into a shaft of moonlight as part of the warfing ceremony to confirm him as the pack’s new high howler. The boy recalls his father’s words – “The moon spirits decide what kind of wolves we become” – and is horrified when he morphs into a diminutive, fluffy poodle.

“It’s a wardrobe malfunction!” pleads Freddy but Hotspur persuades the pack that his nephew is cursed because he lost a treasured moonstone ring to Foxwell after Flasheart’s fateful fall. Pack elders give the distraught teenager until next moonrise to prove his worth as a wolf or be cast out forever. Permanently trapped in the guise of a poodle, Freddy races into the city to retrieve the missing ring. En route, he befriends streetwise stray Batty (Samara Weaving) and clashes with the fearsome Commander (Jane Lynch) of Coldfax dog shelter.

In the words of a pack elder, 100% Wolf is “a spirited little cub”. Animation is solid including a couple of competently executed chase sequences but Stadermann’s picture doesn’t flirt with the creative boundaries of the medium let alone plush them. Character design opts for cuteness over realism and paw-dropping detail including a climactic slaughter of four-legged friends in a Wallace & Gromit-style contraption that conveniently takes place off screen.

– Jo Planter

London Cinemas Showing 100% Wolf

From: Friday 23rd October
To: Thursday 29th October

The Drive In, Troubadour Meridian Water

Sat 11:15; Sun 12:15; Wed 14:00; Thu 16:30

Vue Eltham

Sat 10:30

Vue Finchley Road (O2 Centre)

Sat/Wed/Thu 11:55; Sun 10:40; Mon 11:35; Tue 11:45

Vue Islington

Wed 11:30

Vue North Finchley

Sat 10:05; Sun 10:50; Mon/Tue/Thu 11:30; Wed 11:50

Vue Shepherd’s Bush

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Sat 11:55; Sun 10:00; Mon/Thu 11:30; Tue 11:50; Wed 11:45

From: Friday 30th October
To: Thursday 5th November

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From: Friday 23rd October
To: Thursday 29th October

Radway Cinema

Sat 10:30


Sat 10:30

Scott Cinemas

Sat 10:15

Scott Cinemas

Sat 10:30

Showcase Cinema De Lux Bluewater

Fri/Sat/Mon-Thu 10:50 (Fri/Sat/Wed/Thu) 13:45; Sun 10:50

Vue Aberdeen

Sun 10:25

Vue Altrincham

Sat 10:25; Sun 10:00

Vue Ashbourne

Sat 11:40

Vue Barrow

Sun 10:20; Mon 11:35

Vue Basingstoke Festival Place

Fri 11:45; Sat 10:35; Sun 10:20; Mon/Wed/Thu 11:30; Tue 11:55

Vue Bedford

Sun 10:10; Tue/Thu 11:30

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Vue Birmingham

Sat 11:30; Sun 10:00; Mon 11:35; Tue/Thu 11:55; Wed 11:45

Vue Blackburn

Sat 11:05; Mon 11:45; Tue-Thu 11:55

Vue Bolton

Fri 11:50; Sat 10:00; Sun 10:20; Mon-Wed 11:55; Thu 11:30

Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

Fri/Thu 11:50; Sat 10:10; Sun 10:05; Mon 11:45; Tue/Wed 11:30

Vue Bristol Longwell Green

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Vue Inverness

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Vue Leamington Spa

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Vue Leeds Kirkstall Road

Fri 11:45; Sat 11:30 12:00 12:45; Sun/Thu 11:50; Mon 11:40 14:25; Tue 12:00

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Vue Leicester

Fri 11:30; Sat 11:45; Sun 10:15

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Vue Manchester Lowry

Sat 10:25; Mon 11:55; Tue 11:30

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Sat 10:10; Sun 10:25

Vue Newbury

Sat 10:55; Mon 11:05; Tue 11:30; Wed/Thu 11:55

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Sat 10:10; Sun 10:20; Mon/Tue 11:30; Wed/Thu 11:50

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Vue Staines

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Sun 10:10; Mon/Tue 11:55; Wed/Thu 11:30

Vue Watford

Fri/Mon/Thu 11:30; Sat 10:35; Sun 11:00; Tue 11:55

Vue York

Sat 10:25; Sun 10:30; Mon-Wed 11:30; Thu 11:55

From: Friday 30th October
To: Thursday 5th November

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