Gym People Scare Me - Plain Lazy

Gym People Scare me. Plain LazyWhat's this?
Scared of these two?
Funny tight clothes? Arms that don't go straight down??
Communal showers???

You should be scared!!!

Let the world know how lazy you really are with the tongue in cheek slogan and designs supporting the lazy lifestyle.

All Plain Lazy clothing is made using the finest quality cottons that feel soft and cosy against the skin helping you to relax even more.

D.I. WHY? TEE. Plain Lazy My Other Body is a Temple. Plain Lazy Give Peas A Chance. Plain Lazy

Plain Lazy Tops:
D.I. WHY? : £10.00 | My Other Body is a Temple: £15.00 | Give Peas A Chance: £20.00

Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 2009-01-30 17:45.

Where can I find a women version?

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