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The invitation:
To celebrate the opening of its 14th clinic in London, Renew Medica invited me to review one of their treatments: The Photo-Rejuvenation (IPL). At £250.00 (+VAT) for a full face treatment, this procedure promises to “improve skin texture, tone and colour”. I jumped at the chance and booked an appointment for Friday.

Before the treatment:
After completing a health questionnaire, the nurse did a skin analysis of my face to find out which problems need to be treated and then explained the procedure in detail. Patches will cover my eyes and a cream will be applied to the skin to protect them from the pulses of lights. These pulses warm the skin to stimulate it, and the stimulation enables the skin to function in a more efficient way and it also helps to regenerate itself. The nurse tells me the pulses are painless, similar to that of a small elastic band snapping. I’m ready…

The treatment:
The nurse covers my eyes, applies the cream, asks if I am ready and once I say yes, the pulses start. It’s rather painless and I’m ready to relax while she works her magic on my face…

After ten minutes, I am no longer relaxed. The repetition of pulses is becoming painful but I keep focusing on the promise of great looking skin. Still another 50 minutes to go.

About forty-five minutes into the treatment, my body is twitching with every pulse. The painless elastic band has been replaced with what feels like electric shocks.

It’s over and I am exhausted. The nurse tells me my skin has reacted well. At least it wasn’t all for nothing. Looking at myself in the mirror, all I see is a red face staring back at me. I say thank you, leave the clinic and let the rain fall on my burning skin.

Day 1:
I have a date tonight. Apart from not being able to wear make up for the first time in 10 years, some “flakes” have appeared on my skin. They look like small crumbs and all I want to do is give my face a good scrub which of course I am not allowed to do. Instead I wash it with cold water and apply my SPF 30 cream (as recommended by the nurse). My face looks greasy; I should have invested in a better cream last summer.. I better wear something really good this evening.

Day 8:
The flakes have now completely disappeared and my skin looks fresher. I think. There hasn’t been a drastic improvement and it’s hard to know if the change is due to the treatment or the fact that I haven’t used make up for a week.

For a cheaper price and a similar result, I would recommend a facial, which would also have the advantage of being relaxing and pleasant.