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Scouting out other singles in the city? Londonnet says: stick with things you’re interested in and you might catch someone of interest along the way…

Dating in London1. The London Eye – get stuck in a giant bubble together for 30 minutes, and take in other single travelers as you’re taking in the scenes of the city. Pull out the “fear of heights routine” and you’re sure to get noticed.
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2. The Gym – lend a hand to a fellow fitness buff and you could soon be working (sweating) it out together. Try a fitness class like kick boxing and get your adrenaline pumping in more ways than one.

3. Wine Tasting – sample a variety of beverages while you sample the available dating pool. Read up a little on wine varieties and you’ll impress your fellow grape-lovers; and a glass of wine can loosen the mood a little.

4. Hyde Park – pull a 101 Dalmatians move and let your dog loose in London’s biggest beautiful park – watch and see just who he sniffs out. If you don’t have a dog, just take a walk along the paths with a few dog treats in your pocket and see who comes a running. Tube station: Knightsbridge; Hyde Park Corner; Marble Arch; Lancaster Gate

5. The Museum – find another art buff ready to stroll the exhibitions with you on a Sunday afternoon by striking up a natural conversation with the person next to you – ask them their opinion of the piece you’re viewing. Try the Tate Modern – said to be popular with singles these days.

6. Clubs – play to your interests. Whether it’s reading, running or rock-climbing, there are plenty of fellow fanatics ready to share their passion with another. Try the Serpentine Running Club: it will challenge your lungs and possibly your love life.

7. Dancing lessons – Have fun stumbling through the beginning steps of the tango or salsa, or show off your ballroom dancing moves for fellow singles looking to cha-cha their way into a relationship. Dancing immediately takes that awkward contact barrier out of the picture and gives you a close-up of the potential partner.

8. Go North – The Northern Underground Line has the greatest proportion of singles across the London Tube network. Break the silence barrier in the car by sharing your Metro with a fellow tube-rider – or just ask where they’re headed. If it gets ugly, you can easily switch cars or change at the next stop.

9. Good ol’ Happy Hour – share your common love for that Friday-after-work feeling and release your workweek tension with a cocktail. Drink specials will attract all sorts of singles – have a few then strike up a convo. Try any number of locations in Covent Garden.

10. Go to market – what better weekend morning activity is there? Peruse the fruits and veg and check out the other market-goers buying food for one. Ask someone for directions to the stands and repay them with a coffee – it’s a guaranteed chat for you.

Lauren Burke

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