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Dating in LondonA few years ago, April Hutchen found herself in a bit of a rut. She had hit a certain age and found that most of her friends were in relationships and it was difficult to go out and do something fun.

It was also a bit challenging for her to meet new people and find prospective dates and partners in her area.

“The older we get, we don’t just relax and meet people the way we used to,” she said. “People have a much higher expectation.”

Shake Things Up:

Having already attempted online and speed dating, she came up with an idea that would allow single people to meet fellow bachelors in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Dating in LondonIn 2004, Hutchen launched Twisted Martini, an adventure and holiday company for people who are looking to meet and travel with other singles and have a good time.

“It isn’t like speed dating where, if you won’t come away with someone, it is a disappointment,” Hutchen said. “You can come away with a couple of friends.”

And even though Hutchen says the point of attending is not to find someone a date, many successful relationships have developed in the past. The activities give singles the chance to mingle and share the adventure experience together.

“By nature of the events themselves, already you have something to talk about,” Hutchen said. “You get to know people really well because there are so many bonding moments.”

The adventure weekends range from off-road caraffing to flare cocktail making, in which groups of singles can learn how to light up a drink with pizzazz and have fun dropping bottles together as they practice.

And once members get hooked, many of them come back for repeat adventures – allowing for a possible rendezvous.

Lauren Burke

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