Dig out your unwanted treasures and head down to UK Aware 09 (www.ukaware.com) this April (17-18th) at London Olympia Two where daisygreenmagazine.co.uk, the online ethical woman’s magazine, is hosting the biggest ever Swishing event.

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Men and women from all over the UK will be heading to the west London event on 17th and 18th April to swap their redundant clothes and accessories with others. The idea of Swishing involves a group of people getting together to swap gorgeous clothes and party at the same time with only one rule: everyone must bring at least one good quality, clean item of clothing, or an accessory, that they’d feel proud to hand on.

Nicola Alexander, Founder of daisygreenmagazine.co.uk, says: “Swishing is a great way for ethically minded people to follow fashion with a clear conscience. With the increase in bargain fashion stores, we have become very wasteful – buying items of clothing for a single season. With Swishing you can refresh your wardrobe on a regular basis, without having to spend a penny. Also, you have the piece of mind that, that dress you haven’t worn for ages could be another’s style find of the season and will have a new lease of life instead of being crammed at the back of your wardrobe.”

Nicola will be running the Swishing events at UK Aware with daisygreenmagazine.co.uk contributor, Lupe Castro, an ethical stylist who will be on hand both days to offer her top Swishing tips.

Nicola continues, “Lupe and I have run a number of Swishing events together and we have so much fun – we usually get so much cool vintage stuff that there is rarely anything left over. Although Swishing events are usually just women, for this event we would also like to invite any fashion conscious and ethically conscious men to join in as well.”

There will be a morning and afternoon event on each day, where ‘Swishers’ will be given a time to drop off time their goodies and given a token, they will then have time to browse before the Swishing begins. If you don’t have any unwanted clothes, but are keen to see what other’s have to offer, then you can still come along and simply pay for anything that takes your fancy. Anything left over at the end of the event will be given to TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development), a charity working to protect the environment and fight global poverty through its clothes recycling as well as educational and campaigning activities in the UK.

To get involved in the biggest Swishing event, head down to UK Aware at London Olympia Two on 17th and 18th April, with your unwanted goodies. Visit www.ukaware.com or www.daisygreenmagazine.co.uk for more information.