Top Cat Vol.3 Competition

Top Cat Competition

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Released: 12 May 2008
Cartoon genius Hanna-Barbera’s hip, super-cool and effec-tu-al Top Cat bounds onto DVD With his laugh out loud antics as he tricks, teases and outwits Officer Dibble. Top Cat and his gang of alley cat con-artists, star in Top Cat Vol.3 , as it claws its way onto the DVD shelves on 12 May 2008 from Warner Home Video (WHV). He’s the chief, he’s the king but above everything, he’s the most tip top – Top Cat!

Top Cat is the leader of the gang and his right hand men consist of Benny the Ball (a short, chubby, naïve and cute cat who is slow…not stupid), Choo Choo (he is the tallest of all the alley cats), Brain is the dim-witted member, who really struggles to keep a secret, Fancy Fancy (laid-back, sweet-talking and is always chatting up the ladies) and Spook (the servant of the gang who is also a pool shark).

Join these alley cats as they menace the streets of New York City in six classic episodes. Episodes include ‘Rafeefleas’, where the cats spend a night in the Modern Museum of Ancient Art, and Benny leaves with a priceless Egyptian Scarab which he thinks is a bauble. Top Cat offers it to Fancy Fancy to charm the ladies, but soon after the gang realise it is a genuine Jewel, they try to sneak it back to the museum where they get caught by Officer Dibble!

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This competition is now closed. The winners are as follow:
Su Warmann, Surrey, KT3 4AN
David Lowe, Stockport, SK4 1QE
Robin Hooper, Surrey, GU16 9UY