Odeon Limerick Cinema - Limerick - Listings and Film Reviews

Castletroy Shopping Centre, Dublin Road, Limerick, ZZ

Phone number: 00 353 1 520 880000

Booking Number: 00 353 1520 880000

Price: E7.80-E8.95, child E5.50-E5.95, concs/NUS E6, OAP E6.50-E6.95, family E22.40-E24, Kids Club E4, Senior Screen E3, 3D films add E1.70, concs E1.50 per person or family E6.40 plus E1 per pair of glasses

Films Showing at Odeon Limerick

From: Friday 10th July
To: Thursday 16th July


Mon/Wed/Thu 19:00


Mon 19:15


Tue 19:15

My Spy

Mon-Thu 16:15


Mon-Thu 16:30 (Tue-Thu) 17:30


Thu 20:00

Sonic The Hedgehog

Mon/Tue/Thu 16:00

From: Friday 17th July
To: Thursday 23rd July

Nothing to show...