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Stepping Stones Natural Health Care
84 Falcon Road
W11 2LH

Stepping Stones Natural Health Care, 84 Falcon Road, Clapham, London, W11 2LHThe saying goes 'your body is your temple' yet how many of us actually treat it like one? With the ever-increasing demands of work and ongoing social commitments, it's easy to forget the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Stepping Stones offer a natural way to tackle issues of both mind and body, ways that compliment medical treatments.

Stepping Stones aim to set new standards in natural health care, bringing together experienced, qualified practitioners in some of the most established alternative therapies in a purpose built environment.

Stepping Stones provide a range of treatments to suit the needs of consumers and their lifestyles from chiropody to massage treatments, as well as nutritional therapies and those such as kinesiology which help the body recover from illness, allergies and stress by restoring energy balance.

For those needing muscular and joints therapies there are physiotherapists and osteopaths available to provide tailor made treatments to re-energise you for the challenges ahead.

For those seeking mental relief, there are fully qualified counsellors who will give you the opportunity to talk about things in a secure setting.

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