Tenderpixel is pleased to present new work from Amos From 22nd January to 10th February. Atomic Forms and their Corruptions is a visual narrative presented via abstract film and a series of still photographs. The imagery within this exhibition is the result of Amos’ artistic process: In a previous performance the artist used the flesh of her own body as canvas inviting those present to paint on her naked form. Thus an experiment in corruption of both the body and the resulting documentation transpired, each image has been corrupted, painted on, re-photographed, re-painted and photographed again.

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As opposed to a linear narrative, that which has been ‘corrupted’ cannot be returned to its former ‘purer’ self, thus, both the work and the artist have transitioned into the realm of the ‘new’ yet again. Amos’ experimental series exists within the ebb and flow of an entropic destruction-re-creation cycle culminating in rebirth. The shadows of the past are lost, and only fragments of the source material remain.

The title Atomic Forms and their Corruptions references The Nature of Things, a poem by Lucretius that delves into the principles of atomism: the nature of the mind and soul. The poem proclaims that in a universe ruled by chance as opposed to religious supreme beings, humans are driven by hungers & passions that they do not fully comprehend. This ignorance repeatedly becomes the cause of humanity’s corruption and ultimate demise, yet the poem also implies that, due to the cyclical notion of time, humanity can rejuvenate and again be born anew.

Amos lives and works in the United Kingdom. She completed a PhD at Dartington College of Arts, investigating visual poly-modal art-making. She has exhibited and performed both locally and internationally.

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