Thorpe Park Builds Rolly Polly Coaster for the Overweight


'We are super-sizing - and that's a fact,' says theme park as new jumbo seats are installed

Thorpe Park Builds Rolly Polly Coaster for the Overweight.

THORPE PARK has increased the size of its rollercoaster seats to cater for the larger customer.

The Surrey theme park's Nemesis Inferno attraction now has specially-designed super-size seats after so many people had to be turned away from the ride because they were too overweight to fit on it.

"The reality is that we are super-sizing - and that's a fact we're embracing," said Mike Vallis, Divisional Director at Thorpe Park.

"Why shouldn't people be comfortable when they are enjoying a day out with their friends or family?"

Visitors with a chest size of over 51 inches are asked, via a sign, to queue for the new jumbo seats, which feature two buckle straps instead of the usual one.

Thorpe Park plans to introduce super-size seats on its other rides in the coming months.

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Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2011-10-01 10:18.

Nemesis Inferno has had modified seating since it opened in 2003, and pretty much every roller coaster from that manufacturer features at least one seat for larger guests. The sign shown in the photo has been there for a very long time.

This is Thorpe Park putting out a complete lie just to get their name in the papers, it's ridiculous.

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