Public Image Ltd Book Christmas Party at Brixton Academy


'I wanted to get out and play properly live again,' says John Lydon

Public Image Ltd Book Christmas Party at Brixton Academy.

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD are on their way back to play live in London after nearly two decades on the shelf, frontman John Lydon has confirmed.

The legendary band, formed by Lydon/ AKA Johnny Rotten from the ashes of the Sex Pistols back in 1978, will be on stage at the Brixton Academy on 21 December this year, the final gig of a pre-Christmas mini-tour of the UK.

"We'll see where we can go," Lydon told The Guardian. "Some things may be quite similar. Some may not."

PiL are the latest in an ever-growing line of lucrative revivals mined from rock 'n' roll history, with middle-aged fans flocking back to concert venues to see the heroes of their youth.

Lydon, as Johnny Rotten, has already tasted revival-success with the Sex Pistols, but says he is more emotionally attached to PiL.

"PiL allowed me to express proper emotions," he said.

"I really wanted to get out and play Death Disco [a famous PiL song] properly live again."

Lydon lives in Los Angeles these days, but there's still a place in his heart for old London town. Sort of.

"It's brilliant the vibe you get off the cab driver – as soon as he opens his mouth you feel great – and then you see the horrid little streets and it all feels like a big toytown," he said.

"And then you become reacquainted with it and stop being so, well, spiteful to your past."

Tickets for the tour, including the Brixton bash, go on sale this Friday, 11 September.

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