Met Police Under Allegations of Nicking TVs


Ghost Squad go in mob-handed, nine suspended, inquiries continue

Met Police Under Allegations of Nicking TVs.

FLAT SCREEN TVs and computers were among the goods alleged to have been stolen by police in one of the biggest corruption cases to hit the Met for years.

Nine officers from the Enfield branch of the Met have been suspended and two others – in total the entire crime squad – placed on restrictive duties while investigations continue.

"The investigation centres on the alleged mishandling of property," a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said yesterday.

"Inquiries continue."

The allegation is that Enfield detectives have been taking property belonging to members of the public under criminal investigation.

In dramatic scenes, at least 20 officers from New Scotland Yard's anti-corruption team – known in the force as the Ghost Squad – stormed into Edmonton police station on Tuesday to search desks and lockers belonging to those now under investigation.

The current Ghost Squad was beefed up in the mid-1990s to around the 200 mark after a spate of corruption stories.

Bent coppers in the Met are an ongoing problem. In 2002, two Met detectives were convicted of corruption and back in the 1970s, around 500 officers were eased out of the force at the time of the mammoth Operation Countryman anti-corruption drive.

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 2009-02-22 17:55.

Corruption is nothing new in the police force,the old saying of coppers are the biggest thieves still stands true.
I am not,never was and certainly will ever be a copper but have carried out work in a lot of police stations and headquaters throughout the uk.
Whilst in one under refurbishment a stock pile of televisions and video recorders vanished,all contractors were searched but nothing was found yet the coppers drove out without stopping...I still wonder why.
On another site we were present before and after a group went on a raid with customs for the tobacco and spirit runners.On their arrival back to the station every copper involved went straight to their car,opened the boots and stashed their load of tobacco and spirits.Someone got sent down for their part in inporting this stuff yet the coppers made sure they got their share.
The whole lot are corrupt and always will be.....

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