Starlight Express, Bochum, Germany

Details: Starlight Express Theatre, Stadionring 24, Bochum 44791, Germany

STARLIGHT EXPRESS is the story of a child's dream. It is time for bed and the mother tells her boy to put the his toy train away. However in his dream the game continues and all trains come alive.

International trains arrive at the station, where the World championship is being organised. The Rules say that no locomotive may taka part without a partner - a trailer.

Rusty, who is a very nice young steam locomotive doesn't seem to stand a chance against all the new-fashioned and highly technical competition. Rusty loses more and more the little self-confidence he had and the support from his partner, the first class waggon Pearl.

None of the locomotives are prepared to lose and they fight with all means against each other. At the end however Rusty finds faith in him-self again with the help of the legendary STARLIGHT EXPRESS.