A-Z of Films Showing in UK and Irish Cinemas

Film listings for every movie currently showing in cinemas in the UK and Ireland.

Week Starting Friday 27th November

11 Minutes (11 Minut)
13 Minutes
3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets
The 400 Blows (Les Quatre Cents Coups)
45 Years
45 Years + Q&A
48 Hour Film Challenge Screening
5 To 7
50 Ways To Leave Your Drummer
7 Songs For A Long Life
99 Homes
9999 + Q&A


A Bug's Life
A Christmas Carol (1951)
A Christmas Star
A Christmas Star (Autism Friendly Screening)
A Fistful Of Fingers
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
A Grain Of Truth (Ziarno Prawdy)
A Grain Of Truth (Ziarno Prawdy) + Q&A
A Kind Of Sisterhood
A Letter To Momo
A Little Chaos
A Matter Of Life And Death
A Message Home: Calling Blighty
A Night At The Opera
A Perfect Man (Un Homme Ideal)
A Place For You In My Heart + CherryBombs + Flapper + STP: Eppie + The Very Long John + Veiled
A Prophet (Un Prophete) + Q&A
A Queer Aesthetic + An Afternoon With Mike Kuchar
A Room With A View
A Royal Night Out
A Spell To Ward Off The Darkness
A Story Of Floating Weeds
A Streetcar Named Desire
A Syrian Love Story
A Syrian Love Story + Talk
A Toca Do Lobo
A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures 3D
A Walk In The Woods
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Addicted To Sheep
Addicted To Sheep + Q&A
Adrenaline Programme
Advanced Style
Adventure & Exploration Programme
Adventure Time
The Adventures Of Prince Achmed
The Adventures Of The Red Plane + The Tie
Afermi! + Q&A
Agora (2009 Film)
Agora (Over 18s)
Alex & Ali + Milkshakes & Memories
Ali Baba And The Seven Dwarfs (Ali Baba Ve Yedi Cuceler)
Ali Baba Ve 7 Cuceler
Alice (1988 Version)
All About Eve
All About My Mother (Todo Sobre Mi Madre)
All About Them
All That Heaven Allows
All The President's Men + Introduction By Stanley Tucci
All You Need To Know About Polish Shorts Vol. 1
All You Need To Know About Polish Shorts Vol. 2 - O! PLA Across The Borders
Almanac Of Fall (Oszi Almanach)
Amar Akbar Anthony
Amar, Akbar & Tony
The Amazing Colossal Man/War of the Colossal Beast
The American Friend
American Movie
American Sniper
Amo-Te Lisboa
An Klondike
Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
Angels Vs Bullies
Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape
Animal Magic
Animations For Children By National Film Archive & Miniature Film Studio
Animations for Children by National Film Archive & Miniature Film Studio
Animations for Children by National Film Archive & Miniature Film Studio (with Children's Workshops)
Annie Hall
The Apartment
The Apartment (Parent And Baby Screening)
Apocalypse Now
Appropriate Behaviour
Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes
Archive At Lunchtime: Programme 2
Arthur Christmas
Arthur Christmas 3D
The Assassin
The Assassin (Nie Yin Niang)
The Astonished Heart
Attack On Titan: Part 1
Attack On Titan: Part 1 & 2 Double Bill
Aural Pleasure
Avengers Assemble
Avengers Marathon: Phase One
Avengers Marathon: Phase Two
Avengers: Age Of Ultron


B-Movie: Lust & Sound In West-Berlin 1979-1989
The B.F.G.
BBC Arena At 40: Night And Day 24 Hours
Babette's Feast
Back To The Future Part II
Back To The Future Trilogy
Bacon For God’s Wrath
The Bad Sleep Well
Balkan Blood + July 14th + Just Like Us + Super Venus + Service Included + Ghost Cell + Grounded + Aissa
Ballet Boys
The Banishment
The Basketball Diaries
Batman Returns
The Battle Of Algiers (La Bataille D'Alger)
The Battle Of Algiers (La Bataille D'Alger) + Discussion
Beat City + All My Loving + Introduction
The Beat That My Heart Skipped (De Battre Mon Coeur S'Est Arrete)
Before The Rain
Before The Winter Chill
Begotten + Live Musical Accompaniment
Being AP
Being AP + Q&A
Being There
Belle De Jour
Beloved Sisters (Die Geliebten Schwestern)
Beneath The Shadows + Q&A
Best Of Kendal Mountain Film Festival
The Best Of Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2015
Betty Blue
The Big Blue
Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 (Subtitled)
The Big Knights
The Big Lebowski
Bike Programme
Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey
Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bin Roye
Black Diamond Alpine Session
Black Mass
Black Mass (Over 18s)
Black Mass (Parent And Baby Screening)
Black Mass (Subtitled)
The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution
Black Souls
Blade Runner
The Blair Witch Project
The Blanik Bureau
Blithe Spirit
Blood And Black Lace
Blood Rising
Blue Velvet
Blur: New World Towers
Body (Cialo)
Bolshoi Babylon
Bolshoi Babylon + Q&A
Bolshoi Ballet Encore Screening: Jewels
Bombon (El Perro)
Bombon (El Perro) + Q&A
Bone Tomahawk
The Book Of Life
Born To Be Wild 3D
Boruto: Naruto The Movie
Both Sides Now 2
The Boxtrolls
Boyz N The Hood
Brand: A Second Coming
Brave New World + K2: Touching The Sky
Break My Fall + Q&A
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Breathe Umphefumlo
Bride & Prejudice
The Bride Of Frankenstein
Bridge Of Spies
Bridge Of Spies (Parent And Baby Screening)
Bridge Of Spies (Subtitled)
Bridge Of Spies + Introduction
The Bridge Rising (An Drochaid)
Brief Encounter
Brief Encounter + Musical Accompaniment
Brighton Film School Showcase
Brighton Screenings - Drama
Brighton Screenings - Experimenta
Brighton Screenings: Short Docs
Brokeback Mountain
Brooklyn (Parent And Baby Screening)
Brooklyn (Subtitled)
Brooklyn + Q&A
Bunnymen: Shine So Hard
Burden Of Dreams
Burn Burn Burn
Burnt (Subtitled)
By Our Selves


The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari + Live Music Accompaniment
Cairo Station (Bab el-Hadid) + Q&A
Call Me Marianna
Camino A La Paz + Q&A
Caminos De Agua
Captain Webb
Carmen On Sydney Harbour
Carol (Parent And Baby Screening)
Carol (Subtitled)
Carol + Q&A
Carte Blanche
Casablanca (Dementia Friendly Screening)
Casablanca Calling
Catch Me Daddy
Celluloid Sculptors
Chamonix 150th Anniversary Session; The Golden Age Of Mountaineering
Chamonix Companie Des Guides
Chasing Shadows
Chemsex + Q&A
Chikamatsu Monogatari
Child 44
The Choir
Christmas With The Coopers
Christmas With The Coopers (Subtitled)
Cinderella (Disney Version)
Cinderella (Subtitled)
Cinema at The Brook
CinemaAttic: Spanish And Latin American Short Film Showcase
The Citadel + Wild Atlantic
The Clearstream Affair (L'Enquete)
Climbing Programme 1
Climbing Programme 2
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Closer To The Moon
Clouds Of Sils Maria
The Club (El Club)
Clueless + Introduction
The Cobbler
Comedy Films & Awards Evening
Concerning Violence
Conflict: Shorts
Control + Nightstand + Pepper + Spring
Copa - Patagonia Eric Jones Ac Ioan Doyle + Peeled Faces Of The Amazon
Couple In A Hole + Patriot
Cowboys (Les Cowboys)
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
Crash (1996 Film) + Introduction
The Cremator (Spalovac Mrtvol)
Crimson Peak
Crimson Peak (Parent And Baby Screening)
Crimson Peak (Subtitled)
Crossing Delancey + Q&A
The Cult Of JT LeRoy
Culture & Environment Programme


D-Day, Normandy 1944 3D
DS30 + Q&A
Damnation + Q&A (Karhozat)
Dangerous Liaisons + Q&A
Danny Collins
Dark City
Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story Of Dream Alliance
Dark Water (Japanese Version)
David Jones Between The Wars: The Years Of Achievement
Day Of Wrath (Vredens Dag)
Dead Of Night
Dead Ringers
Deep Above + Q&A
Deep End
Deep Sea 3D
Deli Man
Deoch An Dorais (Name Your Poison)
Derniere Port Au Sud (Last Door South) + Edmond + A Coat Mad Dark + Pombo Loves You + The Story of Percival Pilts + The Story Will Be Revealed In The Movie + Fulfilament + Borrowed Time + Let's Go
Desert Hearts
Desperately Seeking Susan
The Devil-Doll
Diary Of A Chambermaid
The Diary Of A Teenage Girl
The Dictator
Die Hard
The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie (Le Charme Discret De La Bourgeoisie)
Disney On Ice Live Broadcast: Frozen Sing-A-Long
Distant Voices, Still Lives
The Divide (The Spirit Level)
Do You Own The Dancefloor
Do You Own The Dancefloor + Q&A
Doctor Zhivago
Doctor Zhivago + Q&A
Documentary Night: Black Roses: The Killing Of Sophie Lancaster + Porters + Youth
Documentary Night: Out Of Focus + Spirit In Motion + Knit Me Some Happiness
Don't Look Now
Donnie Brasco
Dot + Nipple Jesus + The Fundamentals + Sophie + Night of The Slasher + Afterwards
Draw On Sweet Night
Dream Drafters
Dreams Rewired
Dreams Rewired + Q&A
The Dressmaker
The Dressmaker (Parent And Baby Screening)
The Dressmaker (Subtitled)
Drunken Angel
Dyke Hard + Riot Ghoul + Q&A


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Eating Happiness
Edinburgh College Of Art Postgraduate Degree Show
Edward Scissorhands
Ein Geschenk Der Gotter
Eisenstein In Guanajuato
El Angel Exterminador (The Exterminating Angel)
El Cinco
Else And Fred (Elsa y Fred)
En Bretagne: Avec Lou + Tard Sur Le Port + Retour De Flamme + Harmonies
Endurance Programme
English National Opera Live: The Mikado
English National Opera Live: The Mikado (Subtitled)
The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser
Enter The Void
Eraserhead + Live Music Accompaniment
Ernest Saves Christmas
Everest 3D
Evil Dead + Evil Dead II
Exeter Phoenix Commission Premiere: Taking It On + Sunday + Pine + Jab Jab The Biggest Band You've Never Heard Of + Cloaned
The Exhibition Of A Film + Discussion
Exploiting It? + Q&A
Expresso Bongo
The Exquisite Corpus
Eyes Wide Shut


The Falling
Family Film Screening
Family For Rent (Une Famille A Louer)
Far From Heaven
Far From The Madding Crowd
The Farewell Party
Fatal Attraction
Fathers And Daughters
Fathers And Daughters (Subtitled)
The Fault In Our Stars
Faust + Live Musical Accompaniment
Favela Gay
The Fear Of 13
Feed Me
Fiddler On The Roof
Fidelio: Alice's Journey
Fight Club
Film London Jarman Award 2015
Film Oxford Open Screen Group
The Finances Of The Grand Duke (Die Finanzen Des Grossherzogs)
The Fire (El Incendio)
Fire Birds + Q&A
Five Lamps Films 2015
Flash Gordon
Flies + Cailleach + Fly Me Baby + Leftover + The Dust Machine Variation + The Forest + Mysterious Disappearance Of The Town's Last Resident + Red Dust + Rhythm Of Light + Skinship + Wildless + Skal + Winning Film
Food Chains
The Forbidden Room
Force Majeure
The Forgotten Kingdom
Four Weddings And A Funeral
Fox And His Friends
Frame By Frame
Frankenstein (1931 Version) + Live Musical Accompaniment
Fresh Blood
Fresh Dressed
From The Queer
Frozen (Sing-A-Long Version)
Funny Face
Furious Saint Jack & Otter, Alone + Paper Ring - Great Escape + Princess Of Everyday Life + Silent Rooms + Heavenly Peace + Stockholm Daybreak


Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Game Face
Gas Station + Amy + Middle Man + Dzien Dobry + Sinuaria + Meat + Transit Game + The Man Who Began To Die + He And She
Gaslight (1940 Film)
The Gathering
Gebo And The Shadow (Gebo Et L'Ombre)
General Idea: Video Works 1977-1984 + ScreenTalk With AA Bronson
General Idea: Video Works 1977-1984 + Talk
Generate The State
Get Carter
Gett: The Trial Of Viviane Amsalem
Ghosthunters (Autism Friendly Screening)
Girlhood (Subtitled)
The Gleaners And I (Les Glaneurs Et La Glaneuse)
Glyndebourne Opera: Billy Budd
Go Fish
The Gold Diggers
The Golden Horse + Introduction
Gone With The Wind
The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur (Autism Friendly Screening)
The Good Dinosaur (Parent And Baby Screening)
The Good Dinosaur (Subtitled)
The Good Dinosaur + Q&A
The Good Dinosaur 3D
The Good Dinosaur 3D (Subtitled)
Good Morning, Night (Buongiorno, Notte)
Goodbye To Glocamorra
The Goonies
Goya: Visions Of Flesh And Blood
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Grease (Sing-A-Long)
Green Room
Gregory's Girl
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
The Grinch
Guardians Of The Galaxy
Gueros (Parent And Baby Screening)
Gyorgy Kovasznai: Tomorrow Was A Montage
The Gypsy And The Gentleman


Haitian Corner
Half Sister, Full Love
The Hallow
Hand Gestures
Hand Gestures + Q&A
Hannah And Her Sisters
Happy Feet
Hard To Believe
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
He Named Me Malala
He Named Me Malala (Subtitled)
The Headless Woman (La Mujer Sin Cabeza)
Heart Of A Dog
Hidden Universe 3D
High Altitude Adventure
High Heels Aren't Compulsory + I Am Sam + Bedding Andrew + Sink The Pink: Trannysformation - Robyn Withawhy + A World Of Difference + The Buphagus + Trans*Lucid + Sink The Pink: Trannysformation - Jono Kitchens + Technical Difficulties Of Intimacy
High Society
Hill Start
Historias Minimas (Minimal Stories)
Home (Subtitled)
Home Alone
Horse Money (Cavalo Dinheiro)
The Host
Hot Pursuit
Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania (Subtitled)
Hotel Transylvania 2
Hotel Transylvania 2 (Autism Friendly Screening)
Hotel Transylvania 2 (Subtitled)
Hotel Transylvania 2 3D
The House Job + The Light Thief + Love Is a Four Letter Word + Drama + Ghettotube + Blight
How To Change The World + Q&A
How To Train Your Dragon 2
How Was Your Day? + Across The Sea + Death of a Projectionist + Pitter Patter Goes My Heart + Killing Thyme + The Bench
The Howling
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Human Capital
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 & Part 2 Double Bill
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 (Autism Friendly Screening)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 (Over 18s Screening)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 (Over 18s)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 (Parent And Baby Screening)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 (Subtitled)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 3D
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 3D (Over 18s Screening)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 3D (Over 18s)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2 3D (Subtitled)
The Hunger Games: The Complete Saga
Hunters Of The Southern Seas + Eclipse
Hyenas (Hyenes)


I Am A Girl
I Am A Soldier
I Am Sun Mu + Q&A
I Believe In Miracles
I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen: Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back
I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen: Star Wars Vi Return Of The Jedi
I Know Where I'm Going!
I Want To See You From A Different Perspective + YunLyssa + Couple Time + I Am Not A Lady + Me: Video Selfie + Instantaneous Culture + In Bloom + Cheat + Phone Me Don't Write + When The Night Ends
I'm Not There
I, Frankenstein
The Imitation Game
The Importance Of Being Earnest
The Importance Of Being Earnest: Encore Screening
In A Year Of 13 Moons: Fassbinder
In Cube + Q&A
In Search Of David Jones; Artist, Soldier, Poet
In Search Of Mozart
In The Courtyard (Dans La Cour)
In The Cut
In The Mood For Love (Huayang Nianhua)
In The Shadow Of Women (L'Ombre Des Femmes)
In This World + Discussion
In Which We Serve
Inaudible Footsteps + Reportage! + Some Smallness Coming From Land + Phantom Nebula + Q&A
Inbetween Worlds
Innocence Of Memories
Inside Out
Inside Out 3D
The Intern
The Intern (Parent And Baby Screening)
International Documentary Shorts - The Untold And The Beautiful: Mining Poems Or Odes + The Third Dad + Dead End + Mother Father + Mission Impossible + Small Wonders
International Film Night
International Shorts Screening 1
International Shorts Screening 2
Interstellar: The IMAX Experience
Irish Shorts Programme 1
Irish Shorts Programme 2
Irrational Man
Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar: An IMAX 3D Experience
It Happened One Night
It's A Wonderful Life
It's Complicated
The Italian Job (1969 Version)
Ixcanul Volcano
Iyobinte Pusthakam


Jean-Michel The Woodland Caribou & Other Stories
Jihad: A British Story + Q & A
Jingle Bell Rocks!
Jodorowsky's Dune
John Wick
Jules Et Jim
The Jungle Book
Jurassic World


Kaakkaa Muttai
Kanchivaram (A Communist Confession)
Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company Live Encore Screening: The Winter's Tale
Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company Live: The Winter's Tale
Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company Live: The Winter's Tale (Over 18s)
Khrustalyov, Get My Car! (Khrustalyov, Mashinu!)
Kiki's Delivery Service
Kill Your Friends
The Kindergarten Teacher
Kings Of The Road (Subtitled)
Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter
Kumu Hina
Kumu Hina + Little Elephant


L'Eau Magique/ L'Ours Arrive/ Le Maitre
LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up & Play The Hits
LIAF: Programme 14: Shorts
La Dolce Vita
La Famille Belier
La Pantalla Desnuda + Cinema Alcazar + Running In Solidarity + Q&A
La Passion De Jeanne D'Arc + Live Music Accompanyment By Orlando Consort
La Vanite
Lady And The Tramp
The Lady In The Van
The Lady In The Van (Over 18s)
The Lady In The Van (Parent And Baby Screening)
The Lady In The Van (Subtitled)
The Lady Vanishes
Landfill Harmonic
The Last Diamond
The Last Explorers Of The Rio Santa Cruz + Burn It Down + Bjornoya
The Last Picture Show
Last Tango In Paris
The Last Witch Hunter
The Last Witch Hunter (Subtitled)
Law Of Desire (La Ley Del Deseo)
Le Cercle Rouge (The Red Circle)
Le Mans
Legend (Parent And Baby Screening)
The Legend Of Longwood
Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave A Damn
Lessons In Love
Letter From An Unknown Woman
Letters From Palestine
Life Of Pi
Life Of Riley
The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest
Listen To Me Marlon
Little Cinema
Little Elephant
Little England
Liz Rosenfeld: The Surface Tension Series: Frida & Anita + Hoch + Die Neue Frau + Q&A
Liz Rosenfeld: The Surface Tension Trilogy
The Lobster
The Lobster (Subtitled)
Locked In
The Lodger + Live Musical Accompaniment
London Calling Shorts + Q&A
London Road
Look At Us Now, Mother!
Look Who's Two - The Very Best Of The 2nd Year Of Shorts On Tap
Look Who's Two Part 2 - The Very Best Of The 2nd Year Of Shorts On Tap
Looking Glass
The Lost Honour Of Katharina Blum
Loulou Et Autres Loups
Love & Mercy
Love 3D
Love Actually
Love Is Strange
Love Is The Devil: Study For A Portrait Of Francis Bacon
Love Is The Perfect Crime
Love The One You Love
Love You To Death: A Year Of Domestic Violence
Love, Theft And Other Entanglements
Lumbersexual? My AXE! + You. Me. Bathroom. Sex. Now + A Void + Therese(s) and Simone(s) + Lonely + Been Too Long At The Fair + Just Like Arcadia + Let Go
L’Eau Magique, L’Ours Arrive and Le Maitre Des Glaces


Macadam Stories (Asphalte)
Made In Dagenham
Made In My Toun + Discussion
Made You Look
Magic In The Moonlight (Dementia Friendly Screening)
Magician: The Astonishing Life And Work Of Orson Welles
The Magnetic Nature + The Untouchable + Sunset + 9 Vaccines + The Broken Past + Bride Of Frankenstein + I Want It!
Make More Noise! Suffragettes In Silent Film
Mamma Mia! (Sing-A-Long)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Man In Grey
Man On Wire
Man Up
Man Up + The Silence Of The Lambs
Man With A Movie Camera
Man With A Movie Camera + Live Musical Accompaniment
The Manchurian Candidate
The Marriage Of Maria Braun
Martha Marcy May Marlene
The Martian
The Martian (Subtitled)
The Martian 3D
Mary Poppins
The Mask You Live In
Masterpieces Of The British Museum: The Lewis Chessmen
Maya The Bee
Maya The Bee (Autism Friendly Screening)
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
McFarland (Parent And Baby Screening)
Me And Earl And The Dying Girl
Mean Girls
Meanwhile In Beirut
The Measure Of A Man
Meet Me In St Louis
Meet Pursuit Delange
Merrily We Roll Along
Message To Love
Metropolis (1927 Version)
The Metropolitan Opera Live Encore Screening: Lulu
The Metropolitan Opera Live: Lulu
The Metropolitan Opera Live: Tannhauser
Mia Madre
Microbe & Gasoline (Microbe Et Gasoil)
The Milky Way
Minions (Subtitled)
Miracle On 34th Street (1947 Version)
Miracle On 34th Street (1994 Version)
Miss You Already
Mississippi Grind
Modern Edinburgh Film School: Karen Cunningham
Mon Roi (My King)
Mood Indigo
More Than A Witness + Q&A
The Moromete Family + Q&A
The Most Cruel Of All Goddesses
Mountaineering Programme 1
Mountaineering Programme 2
Mr Calzaghe
Mr Holmes
Mrs Brown
Mukhtiar Chadha
Mulholland Drive
Mummies 3D: Secret Of The Pharaohs
Mune 3D
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Murder In Mesopotamia
The Murderer Lives At Number 21 (L'Assassin Habite... Au 21)
The Music Box
The Music Box + Block-Heads
Mutiny + Q&A
My Beautiful Launderette
My Beautiful Laundrette
My Friend Victoria (Mon Amie Victoria)
My Golden Days (Trois Souvenirs De Ma Jeunesse)
My Nazi Legacy
My Nazi Legacy + Q&A
My Skinny Sister
Mysteries Of Egypt
Mysteries Of The Unseen World 3D
Mystery Film
Mystery Train


N + My Country Is Kurdistan
NT Live Encore Screening: Hamlet
NT Live Encore Screening: Hamlet (Subtitled)
NT Live Encore Screening: Of Mice And Men
NT Live: Hamlet
NT Live: Jane Eyre
NT Live: Of Mice And Men
Nasty Baby
Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger!
Naz & Maalik
Neil Brand Presents Buster Keaton
Never Mind The Baubles: Rock In Reykjavik
The New Black + Discussion
The New Girlfriend
Nicola Costantino: The Artefacta (Nicola Costantino: La Artefacta)
The Night Of Counting The Years (Al Momia)
Night Of The Living Dead
Night On Earth
The Nightwatchman (El Velador)
No Escape
No Skin Off My Ass
Noi e La Giulia
Northern Soul
Nothing But A Man
Noticed + The Gift + A Photo of Us + The Huckster
Nous Ne Vieillirons Pas Ensembles
Nova Dubai + Squat!


O'Hara's Holiday
O'Hara's Holiday + Goodbye To Glocamorra
Ocean's Eleven (1960 Version)
Oil City Confidential
Older Than Ireland + Q&A
Olhos de Andre, Swallows And Outubro Acabou
One Day In September
The Only One Left
Open Cinema
Open Screenings + Discussion
Opening Night
Orion: The Man Who Would Be King
Orion: The Man Who Would Be King + Q&A
The Orphan
Our Little Sister (Umimachi Diary)
Our Man In Havana
Our Past On Screen: Films From Screen Archive South East
Our Times
Out 1
Out of The Village + Fragile + Intersection + Waiting For Tom + De Smet
Outer Sight 16 MM Speakeasy


PICK UP THE MIC Screening: Queer America On Film
Paint It Pink + Serious Fun Transmission + Sink The Pink: Trannysformation - Ted + Q&A
Pal Joey
The Palace That I Live In + Last Night In Edinburgh + Bear Story + A Wee Night In + The Aquarium + The Bravest, The Boldest + Yes Gran No Gran + The Lobster Kid
Pan (Autism Friendly Screening)
Pan (Parent And Baby Screening)
Pan (Subtitled)
Pan 2015
Pan 3D
Pandora's Box (Die Buchse Der Pandora) + Live Musical Accompaniment
Paper Planes
Paper Towns
Pappu's Path
Paradise Now
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension 3D
Parents (Eltern)
Party + Introduction + Discussion
The Passenger (Professione: Reporter)
Passenger + Eclipse
The Passion Of Joan Of Arc + Live Musical Accompaniment
Passport To Pimlico
Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz In Context
The Pawnbroker
Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
Penguins 3D
People Like Us
The Perfect Guy
Pet Sematary
Peter & Wendy
Peter Greenaway: Four American Composers
The Phantom Carriage (Korkarlen)
Phantom Of The Opera (1925 Film)
The Pianist
Pick Up The Mic
Pillow Talk
Pink Narcissus
Planetary + Q&A
Play Date + Bang! Bang! + The Red House + Bayberries Have Ripened + Horseface + Q&A
Plein Soleil
Point Blank
Poitin + Buile Bhaloir: Sean Nos Nua
Poitin And Buile Bhaloir: Sean Nos Nua
Poner Al Rock De Moda
Portrait Of A Serial Monogamist
Positive Force: More Than A Witness + Q&A
Poverty Inc + Discussion
Power Of Art: Caravaggio
Precinct Seven Five
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
Presque Rien
The Price We Pay
Prison System 4614 + The Visit
Private Life Of A Masterpiece: The Adoration Of The Christ Child
The Program
The Program (Parent And Baby Screening)
The Prophet
Psychedelic Society Of Bristol
Psycho (1960 Film)
Purple Rain
Pushing For Prep: A Film And Discussion


Q Pootle 5
The Quatermass Experiment
The Queen
The Queen Of Ireland
Quem Vai A Guerra


RSC Live Encore Screening: Henry V
Radiator + Q&A
Rajwade and Sons
Random Acts South West Screening
Rear Window
The Rebel + QA
Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus + Q&A
The Rescuers
Ricki And The Flash
Right Person For The Job + Balkan Blood + July 14th + Just Like Us + Super Venus + Service Included / Service Compris + Ghost Cell + Grounded / Au Sol + Aissa
Ring Masters
Rio 2
Robert Mugabe... What Happened? + Q&A
Robots 3D
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Sing-A-Long)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show + Q&A
Rome, Open City
Romeo And Juliet
Room + Q&A
Royal Ballet Live: The Winter's Tale
Royal Ballet Live: Viscera/Afternoon Of A Faun/Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux/Carmen
Royal Command Performance (November 1937)
Running Man McGrath
Russian Ark + Talk
The Russian Woodpecker
Rust And Bone (De Rouille Et D'Os)


SK1 (L'Affaire SK1)
Safe (1995 Film)
The Salt Of The Earth
San Francisco Opera: Showboat
Santa Claus (Le Pere Noel)
Saraband For Dead Lovers
Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (Subtitled)
Scrum + Q&A
Sea Child + Travel By Feet + Sleepy Steve + Hobart + Violet + Tick Tock + Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and The Rose + Zoe
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Second Hand Husband
The Second Mother
The Secret In Their Eyes (El Secreto De Sus Ojos)
Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story
Sense And Sensibility
Sense And Sensibility + Introduction
Serie Noire
Seven Sinners
Seven Songs For A Long Life
She Makes Comics
Shinjuku Boys + Female Masculinity Appreciation Society + Sink The Pink: Meet The Parents + Q&A
The Shop Around The Corner
The Shop On Main Street
Short Film Night 3
Shorts For Middle Ones
Shorts For Wee Ones
Shorts Up + Live Musical Accompaniment
Shutter + An Equally Predatory Monster
Silent Moves
Singh Is Bliing
Sink The Pink: Pink Pilgrims - Finn Love + Dressing Queer + H + A New York Fairie Tale + The Gender Joker + Doc In A Box + Carmen
Sister Act
Size Zero (Inji Iduppazhagi)
Sleaford Mods: Invisible Britain
Sleaford Mods: Invisible Britain + Q&A
Slow West
Smiles Of A Summer Night
Snoopy And Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie
The Snowman + Live Musical Accompaniment
Snowsports Programme
Socima + The Internet's Own Boy
Some Like It Hot
Sometimes I’m afraid, Sometimes I Hit + Hebron Is Beautiful + Across The Tracks + The Journey Of Women's Rights + Q&A
Son Of Saul (Saul Fia)
Sonata For Cello
Song Of The Sea
Songs My Brothers Taught Me
The Sound Of Music
Space Station 3D
The Sparticle Mystery
Special Selection Programme
Spectre (Over 18s Screening)
Spectre (Over 18s)
Spectre (Parent And Baby Screening)
Spectre (Subtitled)
Spectre: The IMAX Experience
The Spirit Of '45
The Spirit Of '45 + Q&A
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water
Spunk + Doggers + Solos + Q&A
Standing Tall (La Tete Haute)
Star Wars Holiday Special + Live Commentary
Star*Men + Discussion
Star*Men + Q&A
Stations Of The Cross
Stealing A Nation
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs (Autism Friendly Screening)
Steve Jobs (Over 18s Screening)
Steve Jobs (Parent And Baby Screening)
Steve Jobs (Subtitled)
Steve Jobs + Q&A
Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans
Still Alice
Stills in Motion
Stories Of Our Lives
Strange Magic
Stranger By The Lake
Strictly Ballroom
Suffragette (Parent And Baby Screening)
Suffragette (Subtitled)
The Summer Of Sangaile
The Summer Of Sangaile + Q&A
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Sunday, Bloody Sunday + Q&A
Sunset Song
Sunset Song + Q&A
Sunshine On Leith
The Supreme Price
Swallows And Amazons
The Sweet Escape (Comme Un Avion)


Tales From Earthsea
The Tales Of Hoffmann
Tangerine (Parent And Baby Screening)
Tangerine + I Am Sam
Tant Pis Chapter One + Quito + The Strangest Nest + Floozy Suzy
Tasting My Future
Taxi Tehran
Taxi Tehran (Parent And Baby Screening)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Telephone Book
Tell Spring Not To Come This Year
Ten Billion
Terminator Genisys
Testament Of Youth
That's All Folks: Ian Smith In His Own Words - A Repeat Already!
Thelma And Louise
The Theory Of Everything
Theory Of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents
They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile + Q&A
The Third Man
This Changes Everything
This Happy Breed
This Is Not A Cartoon
This Is Not A Cartoon: Programme 1 + Q&A
This Is Not A Film
Three Brothers (Tri Bratri)
Tin + Q&A
The Tin Screen No.w.here’s 10th Birthday + Q&a
Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast
Tintin And The Mystery Of The Golden Fleece (Tintin Et Le Mystere De La Toison D'Or)
To Life
To Life! (A La Vie!)
To The Arctic 3D
Tokyo Story
The Tomb Of Ligeia
Too Many Crooks
Touch Of Evil
Toy Story
Transactions of Desire
The Treatment
The Trespasser
The Tribe
True Romance
True Story
Tubby Hayes - A Man In A Hurry
The Turkish Boat + The Decision + Q&A
Twilight: The Last of The Light
Two By Two
Two By Two (Subtitled)
Two Down


U-Carmen eKhayelitsha
The Unbeatables
Under Milk Wood
Under Snow
Under The Sea 3D: An IMAX 3D Experience
Under The Skin
Under The Skin + Q&A
Under Your Spell
The Unknown Soldier's Patent Leather Shoes (Lachenite Obuvki Na Neznayniya Voin) + Q&A
Unreal + The 82 Year Old Sky Diver + Humble Pie + Sufferfest 2 + Ocean Gravity + Will Sutton: Homefree + Objectiff Amazone
Uppi 2 (Kannada)
Ursula Mayer
Uzak (Distant)
Uzumasa Limelight


Valley Of Love
Velvet Goldmine
Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein (Subtitled)
The Violators
The Violators + Q&A
Visibility: Moderate + Red Moon Rising + Q&A
The Visit
Voice of The Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho


W Di Bonatti
The Walk
The Walk 3D
Walking With Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D
The Wanted 18
War Horse + Q&A
Warren Miller: Chasing Shadows
Warriors + Q&A
The Water Diviner
The Way We Live Now
The Way We Were
We Come As Friends
We Were Here
We Will Sing
Welcome To Leith
West Side Story
Whale Rider
What Makes A Man?: Hard To Lose + I May Be Some Time + Kid + Throw Me To The Dogs + Toby + Putting On The Dish + Talk
What We Did On Our Holiday
What's In A Name (Le Prenom)
When Father Was Away On Business
When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere + Q&A
While We're Young
Whisky Galore!
The Whistleblower
White Christmas (Dementia Friendly Screening)
White God
White Heat: Science And Technology + Introduction
The White Knights
Who Am I: No System Is Safe
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
Wild Life (Vie Sauvage)
Wild Tales
William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Wilson Tales
Wings Of Desire
Withnail & I
The Wolfpack
Woman In Gold
Women And The Word: The Revival Movie + Q&A
Women In Love
Words: Walls
The Wound + Skinheads And Roses + The Branks + All Veneer And No Backbone + Winter Journey In The Hartz Mountains + Grayson/Flowers/Jewels + Shadow Of A Journey + Passion Triptych
Write Shoot Cut
Written In Dust + Musical Accompaniment
Wuthering Heights (1939 Version)




Years of Living Dangerously 9
You're Human Like The Rest Of Them + Introduction
You’re Ugly Too + Q&A
Yves Saint Laurent
Yvone Kane