Girls' Weekend in London: Dancing and Drinking

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Absolut Icebar, London. Photo Credit: kchenx. C.C.LicenseAbsolut Icebar
29-33 Heddon Street
Grab your designer parka (which the staff will give you upon entry) and brace yourself for freezing temperatures. This icy spot has to be kept at negative 5 degrees so the walls, tables and glasses--all made of solid ice imported from Sweden--won't melt. Guests are only allowed to remain in the bar for 40 minutes, so don't let fears of frostbites prevent you from an unusual photo op.
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77a Charterhouse Street
This London hotspot features two bars, three dance floors, a roof terrace and a garden. It has a sound system which literally makes the whole body vibrate with bass, and the music ranges from drum 'n bass to hip-hop to house. Fabric has a strong reputation in the capital, and it's easy to see why.
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1 Dover Street
In a Mayfair club that Prince Harry has selected as one of his favourites, you can correctly assume this tiki-themed bar will be worth your time and money. Divided into two levels, the top floor of Mahiki offers a relaxed lounge, while the bottom contains a moderately-sized dance floor and often-reserved seating areas. The drink menu include pina coladas in hollowed-out pineapples, an eight-person cocktail served in a treasure chest and more.
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107 Kings Road
Be ready for hours of dancing at this upscale club, which Prince William himself enjoys. If you'd like to rest your feet, grab a table upstairs, where lounge singers and other performers will be ready to entertain you. With its trendy minimalist decor and crowd of pretty faces, Mamilanji is a perfect nightspot.
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Mint Leaf
Suffolk Place
This Indian bar and restaurant boasts more than 500 spirits and 1,000 cocktails. Sit in the beautifully-decorated dark wood lounge, where you can choose from drinks like the Strawberry Mint Chill or Blood Orange cocktail. If you're hungry, don't miss out on the talla jheenga (fried black tiger prawns) or the Mint Leaf vegetarian platter.
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- Jill Hilbrenner