London Coffee Shops: Caffe Vergnano 1882

Bar Italia
Caffe Vergnano
Flat White
Starbucks, Coffee Republic, Cafe Nero

Leicester Square, Southbank Centre

Caffe Vergnano 1882. Photo Credit: EVERYDAYLIFEMODERN. CC.LicenseShould I go?
If you think of coffee as a delicacy, there's nowhere better.

When can I go?
8am-Midnight Monday through Saturday, 10am-11pm Sunday

What's it like?
If there's a more diverse coffee menu in London, I haven't seen it. Espresso especially is no less than a canvas for Caffe Vergnano, on which can be splashed cream and chocolate and nuts to create drinks too pretty to drink. Almost. The d├ęcor is shiny, clean, black, and white, which actually makes it seem more impersonal than it is.

How's the coffee?
It's hot liquid velvet, served with water and a small chocolate on a silver tray. Perfect by design.