Dappy and Fazer put block on N-Dubz reunion

Duo not keen, despite Tulisa Contostavlos's pleas
Dappy and Fazer put block on N-Dubz reunion.

Dappy and Fazer have ruled out an N-Dubz reunion.

The urban trio - also made up of Tulisa Contostavlos - are currently on a break and while X Factor judge Tulisa is keen for them to get back together, the male members of the group aren't so keen.

A source told The Sun: "Tulisa thinks N-Dubz would be bigger than ever following her exposure on The X Factor, but her old bandmates just aren't interested. Dappy and Fazer want to continue doing their own thing.

"They know Tulisa's solo career isn't going great and she's realised she's bigger as part of N-Dubz than on her own.

"Her record company are nervous after her last single and fear it could be over for her after one album.

"They blame the controversy that's dogged her since she went off on her own."

Last month, Tulisa - whose first single Young went to number one in the UK - claimed N-Dubz will reunite next year.

She said: "I went round to Dappy's house the other day and I stayed over and we were pretty much inseparable. We were like brother and sister reunited for the whole night. He felt the same.

"We sat there telling each how lonely we were and how we missed each other on stage and we missed each other in the studio and that we want to reunite after this first solo album."

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