London Film Festival 2008: Film on the Square

London Film Festival 2008. Film on the Square. The Life Of Bees

24 City
20 & 22 October
Jia Zhangke's masterly combination of fact and fiction turns a previously hidden page in China's modern history and reveals the human cost of a great upheaval.

Achilles and the Tortoise
21 & 22 October
Using his own paintings as illustrations throughout, this funny/sad parable by Takeshi Kitano traces the lifetime failure of an aspiring artist.

20 October
A young man's family history provides the catalyst for this timely and considered story touching on themes of prejudice and fear.

American Teen
18 & 23 October
Four mid-Western teenagers share their daily lives and their hopes and fears in this sharp and snappily paced documentary.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil
21 & 23 October
For those about to rock, we salute you!

The Baader Meinhof Complex
26 & 28 October
Riveting drama revisiting the days of Germany's Red Army Faction.

27 & 29 October
A highly acclaimed debut feature bringing a European sensibility to the study of a trio of characters living in the Mississippi Delta.

A Christmas Tale
19 October
A dark, brilliantly observed and acidly funny depiction of a dysfunctional family reunited in the days before Christmas.

Dean Spanley
17 & 19 October
Peter O'Toole stars as a misanthropic curmudgeon who unexpectedly re-lives joyous and painful memories thanks to the revels of a drunken curate.

Il Divo
21 & 23 October
The life and times of notorious Italian politician Guilio Andreaotti, seen through an intense cinematic prism.

Frozen River
23 & 24 October
Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, set in wintry upstate New York, where a single Mom finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird
30 October
The three main characters in Kim Jee-Woon's homage to Sergio Leone are interchangeably good, bad and weird amid the virtually non-stop action in 1930s Manchuria.

Hamlet 2
26 & 28 October
Irreverent comedy co-written by the creator of South Park, featuring Steve Coogan as a failed actor turned drama teacher.

Heart of Fire
22 & 25 October
Set in Eritrea during its war of independence against Ethiopia, this emotionally charged drama deals with modern war and how it deprives children of their innocence.

18 & 19 October
Topical and moving drama about the impact of a bomb attack on a London football stadium.

Johnny Mad Dog
24 & 26 October
War is still hell... a visually dazzling modern war film that is pertinent, thrilling and occasionally surreal.

Lake Tahoe
19 & 20 October
A confidently directed and gently funny story of loss and letting go.

Let's Talk About the Rain
22 & 23 October
Personal relationships and political ideals come head to head in the witty drama about family, feminism and film making.

Lion's Den
28 & 29 October
A gripping story of one woman's determination to fight for freedom and her son's future.

Miracle at St. Anna
16 & 17 October
Spike Lee gives new voice to the conventions of the epic war movie by reclaiming the experiences of Amerian's black sevicemen.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
19 & 22 October
A sweetly funny story of two young people thrown together during the course of one New York night, as they search for their favourite band's secret gig.

Of Time and the City
18 & 21 October
A lyrical collage of a city, an ode to Liverpool combining archive and new footage in a deeply moving personal memoir.

A Perfect Day
17 & 19 October
Ferzan Ozpetek's ultra-contemporary, utterly compelling drama about an Italian politician seeking re-election.

Quiet Chaos
19 October
Nanni Moretti stars in this mesmerising, wryly humorous film.

Rachel Getting Married
20 & 30 October
A gloriously fluid and refreshingly unconventional story of family ties and sibling rivalries.

18 & 20 October
Praise be for this funny, irreverent and provocative documentary!

Secret Life of Bees
23 & 25 October
Set in North Carolina, this touching coming-of-age story is set against the backdrop of the turbulent events of the Civil Rights era.

The Silence of Lorna
27 & 29 October
A characteristically compassionate but probing study of responsibility, betrayal and guilt from the Dardenne brothers.

23 & 24 October
A nimble and insightful study of the American Dream seen through the eyes of a talented young baseball player from the Dominican Republic.

Surprise Film
26 October
The festival's hottest ticket and best kept secret.

Synecdoche New York
28 & 29 October
A singularly imaginative and dazzlingly complex story of creativity and the drive to find meaning in art and life.

Three Blind Mice
16 & 17 October
Three Australian sailors spend an eventful night on the town in Sydney.

Three Monkeys
26 & 27 October
A magnificently intense, brooding tale of family brought low by a twisted chain of deceits, distinguished by Ceylan's extraordinarily painterly digital imagery.

18 & 21 October
An omnibus feature which lets one Korean and two French directors loose in Tokyo.

16 & 17 October
A disarmingly sweet comedy about a desperate Khasak sheepherder and his attempt to find a wife.

Two Lovers
20 & 21 October
Joaquin Phoenix and Gwyneth Paltrow are paired in James Gray's film about obsessive love that defies initial expectation.

17 & 21 October
Iron Mike on Iron Mike.

20 & 23 October
A Chinese period epic tale about three sworn brothers, set in the late 19th Century, with a turbulent backdrop of brutal battles, personal rivalry and political intrigue.

Wendy & Lucy
24 & 26 October
A tender and subtle exploration of a young woman's search for a brighter future.

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