New Les Miserables Opens at Old Venue as 25th Birthday Party Begins


Queens, Barbican and O2 shows offer a triple dose of Misery

New Les Miserables Opens at Old Venue as 25th Birthday Party Begins.

LES MISERABLES returns to its original London home at the Barbican from today, as a new production of the famous musical reaches London after a UK tour.

With the Queens Theatre version still up and running, London will have two takes on the show on at the same time. Two musicals of the same name in the same city is apparently a world first, unless you count panto.

But wait for it, there's more Misery to come.

On Sunday 3 October, the day after the end of the Barbican run, a third, star-studded Les Miserables with elements from the casts of both London versions, turns up at the O2.

These extra Les Mis'es aren't here by coincidence, but are part of the show's 25th birthday celebrations. Back in 1985, the Royal Shakespeare Company brought us the first London Les Miserables. From there it switched to the Palace Theatre until 2004, when it shifted to its current home at the Queens.

Tickets for all three shows can be found by clicking on the links above or by going to our musicals page and scrolling down.

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 2011-07-25 14:33.

Such a piece of musical theatre perfection, I've seen Les Miserables from start to finish about ten times, and yet it never fails to satisfy. The only other production that touches it is probably Mamma Mia - nothing else.

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